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No French Word for ‘French Kiss’ – Until Now

French Kiss

Did you know that France’s hottest-ever export has never had a French name? And no, we’re not talking about baguettes.
The French kiss finally has a French name – something it has never had before. Surprising, non?

‘Galocher’ is the new term for tonsil hockey, and has been added to the 2014 edition of the Petit Robert French Dictionary that hit book stores earlier this month.

“We always had many expressions to describe ‘French-kissing,’ like ‘kissing at length in the mouth’” Says Laurence Laporte of the Robert Publishing House, “but it is true, we’ve never had one single word.”

A ‘galoche’ is the noun word for ice skate in French. The term ‘galocher’ has been around for a while as slang for French kissing, evocative of sliding smoothly around ice, or in and around your partner’s mouth in this case.

‘French kissing’ as a term was at one time limited to elite classes across Europe, but its use exploded after being brought back to North America by soldiers returning from the First World War telling of the more exotic sex practises the French were then famous for.

Despite the immense power of words over action, according to Laporte, the lack of a term for French kissing “never stopped us from doing it.”

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