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Sharing Pleasure Anywhere with the SenseMotion™ Lyla™ 2

Pleasure Anywhere with the SenseMotion™ Lyla™ 2

Our original SenseMotion™ Lyla was created with the purpose of taking your couples’ play public – and with greater wireless range and more power, the gorgeous new Lyla™ 2 makes that even easier.

Don’t worry though; we’re not talking about getting exhibitionist here!

The beauty of Lyla™ 2 is it’s so incredibly quiet and discreet that it allows you to get up to some al fresco action without anyone around you being any the wiser. Worn inside, you can use it anywhere; at a party, in a restaurant or even while you’re traveling. The more risqué the situation, the greater the thrill.

Ladies, try surprising your partner by secretly wearing Lyla™ 2 and presenting him with the remote (switched on) – without revealing what it is. Because Lyla™ 2 is motion-sensitive, as he turns the remote this way and that it will trigger exquisite vibrations and an incredible response from you… see how long it takes him to guess what the remote in his hand is controlling!

With the secret only the two of you know, you can both head out for the evening, being prepared to expect the unexpected. Giving him the remote puts him firmly in control of turning on YOUR pleasure… at the touch of a button or simply the flick of a wrist!

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