Aphrodite in the Name of Love – A Truly Personalized (Visual) Pleasure

We take personal pleasure incredibly seriously, which is why we are seriously tickled by  artist Paul Pickersgill’s  latest show, Aphrodite in the Name of Love.

If you were looking for a unique gift for a loved one – or an ode to your own, personal pleasure – then what could be more perfect than seeing one’s name erotically depicted?

Fully personalized, the artist treats each and every name as though creating a story  (in fact, everyone who requests an image gets a write up about the woman with the name portrayed, such as this:

Sarah is an actress and her ‘stage’ is the bedroom. Take your seat in the front row as she performs for you. You’ll be astounded by the steaming hot sensuality oozing from her Amazonian limbs. Keep your cool as she invites you up to join her in her tour de force of role play erotica, but beware…she doesn’t always stick to the script. Applaud her! Sarah loves the approval of her audience.

Pickersgill is happy to work with suggestions of different acts, anatomies, piercings, etc, as can be seen in some of his definitely risque examples!

How Can I Get One?

Are you as intrigued by seeing your name up in…well not lights, but definitely something delightful?Then, dear readers, you’re in for a treat! If you contact Paul Pickersgill to have your or a lover’s depicted in a completely unique illustration, you get 20% off by mentioning that you’re a Volonte reader!

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