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ELISE 2: The Ultra-Powerful Dual Vibe

With its larger frame and dual intensity from two vibrating motors, the original ELISE personal massager was a fan favorite of many LELO lovers. Then in late 2012, we introduced a whole new group of women (and pre-existing ELISE owners) to ELISE 2, upgraded with double the vibration power and waterproof versatility to make it one of the most coveted and highly-rated intimate items available today.

Product Focus Elise 2

So what’s so great about ELISE 2?

Improved Vibrations with More Modes:

The first ELISE was known for its strength but with ELISE 2, LELO engineers went all out and added 100% more power in both motors – each located in its base and tip – that can work both separately and in unison for unique sensations. A further upgrade is in the number of vibration patterns users can enjoy, which has been increased to eight total modes from the original’s five.

Fully-waterproof for Added Convenience:

ELISE 2 features LELO’s innovative vacuum-sealed charging ports that, while exposed, stay bone-dry within. This makes ELISE 2 not only one of the easiest intimate items to keep clean, but allows users to experience its promised pleasures during bath and shower time – to a depth of one meter!

Rechargeable & Ready for Anything:

Just 2 hours of charging from a mains plug promises 2 hours of enjoyment at ELISE 2’s highest setting, with LELO’s ultra-efficient Lithium-Ion batteries that last for over ten thousand hours of use. ELISE 2 is also a perfect travel companion, with a built-in travel lock function that guarantees no unwanted activation at any time, and comes with a 1-year warranty and 10-year quality guarantee.

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