LELO collaborated with Le Sex En Rose… Here’s What Happened

We spent seven amazing days in Milano, shooting with the indomitable duo behind Le Sex En Rose. Besides the amazing photographs, the shoot resulted in a surprising revelation and we’re flattered Morena chose LELO to be the brand she would show her face for.

LELO collaborated with Le Sex En Rose

If you’re into sex-positive content, beautiful photography and funny Insta stories, then you’ve surely heard of Le Sex En Rose. This amazing husband and wife duo blew us away with their creativity, positive attitude and their joie de vivre. LELO has been their fan for a while now and the attraction turned out to be mutual. Sparks have been flying for years and our love story culminated in a 7-days long photo shoot in Milano, Italy. With her husband Ivano behind the lens, adorable Morena along with several friends struck their poses with ease and brought selected LELO products to life.

You will be able to take a look at the resulting photographs really soon, but in the meantime, take a look at the interview Morena and Ivano did for LELO, detailing the collaboration and Morena’s decision to reveal her face during the photo shoot.

Written by: Lea Marsden

Lea Marsden
For Lea, what once was “a European summer abroad” turned into traveling the world and studying sexual cultural differences for the past 6 years. She has a PhD in Gender & Sexuality and has a theory that dating guys in their twenties is an unpaid internship. She’s currently writing from a cafe in New Zealand.

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