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LELO Retailer Profile: Sinful.eu

Pleasure purveyors at the helm of Scandinavia’s largest erotic empire, Tonny Andersen and Mathilde Mackowski came to the LELO offices to share their experiences in the intimate lifestyle industry and how they came to run Scandinavia’s biggest provider of LELO pleasure objects, Sinful.eu.

Left to right: Sinful founders Tonny Andersen, Mathilde Mackowski and CFO Jasper Jebsen

From Sinful Beginnings…

Before becoming sex toy tycoons, Tonny and Mathilde were romantic partners who were trying to find a sex toy retailer that focused on their sensual needs as a couple, and mature enough to connect with on an adult level – not an adult novelty level.

As Mathilde puts it; “It was our own kind of romantic idea; as a couple, we just couldn’t find a Scandinavian sex shop that was offering well-designed and couple-friendly products.”

This is why the Sinful.eu you see today is part sex toy retail shop, and part informational resource that men and women can turn to for advice on sensuality and how to share it with a partner. The for-couples, by-couples ethos is still evident, and helps thousands of people keep their spark kindled in the bedroom.

The Sinful Experience

For Tonny and Mathilde, it’s not enough to sell a customer just any sex toy, they’re going to make sure that you walk away with the right sex toy for you. They do this by empowering customers with detailed product information and some hand-holding to help guide customers to their preferred pleasure product, and also by applying a personal touch;

“We believe in what we do, so much so that we put our faces on the website, and our personal opinions and feelings on a product are right there.” Says Tonny, “This amount of involvement that we have makes us directly accountable to customers and as such, we only offer products that we can believe in.”

Who Wants to be Sinful?

So what does the sex toy customer base look like? Most commonly, a Sinful.eu buyer will be part of a committed couple, likely married for a few years. It’s these couples that are looking to add a new dimension to their intimacy, and that’s exactly what Sinful.eu was founded for; helping adults experience and share an even more enjoyable sensuality.

Not all sex toy customers are the exact same, of course. Mathilde recalls the time that she received a handwritten letter from a couple in their seventies, praising Sinful.eu for helping them rediscover their sexy side and bringing them closer as a result.

So what product did they use to rekindle their spark – was it a LELO? Mathilde can’t say for sure what product rekindled the spark between these star-crossed septuagenarians, but she does concede that it very well could have been a LELO item; “LELO products are my go-to for recommending to potential customers, without a doubt.” She says, “Customers initially respond to the design of a LELO, but once they try it for themselves, they’re hooked for life!”

You can find out more about Sinful.eu by visiting their website here!

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