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Expert advice and tips on love, dating and relationships.

Tinder, the Other Online Shopping Experience

Online shopping versus online dating – is there really even a difference? Turns out that no, there really isn’t one. But just like retail, relationships have been revolutionized …

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Where Has Your Sex Drive Gone?

The sex gremlins. At one time, they’ve visited us all. Those little voices that pipe up at exactly the worst moment. Like when you’ve forked out half your …

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What the Hell is ‘Cuffing Season’?

We’re just sliding into that late autumn/early winter hinterland – you know the time: the air is crisp, the sleeves are long and the lattes are pumpkin spiced. …

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Do Jealousy & Comparison Really Get Us Anywhere? – A Killing Kittens Guest Post

We at LELO are so pleased to welcome Emma Sayle, founder of Killing Kittens, the members-only club that hosts female-oriented sex parties around the world, to the Volonté blog as …

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The Science of Desire: Why Subtracting Adds More

While everyone has moments when they are not as aroused as they’d like to be – whether mentally or physically – it turns out, we may be going …

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How to Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship

While some people may not be entirely familiar with the idea of using toys during partnered sex, anyone who already uses a sex toy for solo masturbation can …

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Here’s How to Apply the 80-20 Principle to Your Relationship

Holding out for the perfect relationship? You’ll be waiting a long time, says Emma Sayle, a keen advocate of the 80/20 relationship rule When you wake from the …

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Fanning the Flames: 5 Couples’ Exercises to Increase Intimacy & Rekindle Romance

Does it seem like both you and your partner are living such busy, hectic lives, that you can’t remember the last time you talked about something other than …

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Unsure about Consent? Here’s a Hollywood 101

Here’s the thing: consent is non-negotiable. But that’s not to say it can’t be sexy. In the context of a relationship or hookup, explicitly describing desires, what you’d …

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When Infidelity Leads to Sexual Dysfunction – Guest Post from Dr. Tammy Nelson

Many couples are choosing to stay in a marriage after an affair, for a variety of reasons. A cheating partner may not have to mean the end of …

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