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The Importance of Time Apart for a Healthy Relationship

When talking about healthy relationships, the general consensus is that ‘distance’ is a subject best avoided. But far from being the beginning of the end, a little space ...

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Master Your Cycle: Best Days & Times for Sex

When it comes to menstruation, a woman’s hormones are in a constant state of flux to result in new changes every day of your cycle – and a ...

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Talk This Way: Dirty Talking Tips

Dirty talk; we’re all no doubt familiar with it, cooing mock-erotic epithets in our lover’s ears for a giggle – but how many of us actually use some ...

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LELO Tips: Wedding Night Sex

It used to be that couples would wait until their wedding night for the chance to finally experience each other sexually. This thankfully is not the case anymore, ...

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Wedding Hookups - DOs and DON'Ts

Wedding Hookups: DOs & DON’Ts

It’s not just the bride-to-be who’s bound to be getting lucky on her wedding night; the findings in our latest infographic shows that that attending a wedding are just as ...

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Tips on Dealing with His Bachelor Party

Equal parts bliss and stress, the weeks leading up to your wedding is often a journey through the gauntlet of human emotions. Among guest list headaches, bridesmaid drama, ...

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Online Dating Profile: Do’s and Don’ts

It was only a few short years ago that online dating was looked upon with disdain; the relationships that stemmed from it unnatural and doomed to failure – ...

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Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship: 5 Tips

As the number of opportunistic globetrotters continues to increase, so with it has the commonality of love’s highest hurdle— the long-distance relationship. Taking a leap of faith is ...

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Flirty Text Tips from LELO

According to a recent poll, one in every six marriages’ humble beginnings can be traced back to an online dating site. Given our constant connectedness, it should be ...

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Fresh Date Ideas

Fun Date Ideas You Haven’t Tried

Have you got a case of the dating doldrums, and not sure where to go and what to do with your beau? Worry not, readers because we’ve got ...

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