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Sensual Wellbeing

The latest sex health news, tips and advice to help you enjoy a more vibrant sensual lifestyle.

Can sex be addictive?

Can Sex Be Addictive?

Is it possible that sex can destroy your life? Nowadays, we are still speaking of sex-addiction. But where are those sex-addict people? Here in Spain, when a TV …

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Do Aphrodisiacs Really Exist?

Fairy Tales with Exotic Ingredients Aphrodisiacs are the pieces of fruit offered by the goddess Aphrodite. And the only real truth about them is the belief that they …

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Penis facts that you should know

Penis Facts that Urologists Want You to Know

Just because you’ve got one doesn’t mean you’re a damned expert. There are some people who’ve studied penises for years; they’re called urologists and you should really listen …

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Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing With a Partner’s Impotency

Maybe you’ve been here before. And if you haven’t, then one day you eventually will: you’re fooling around with a guy and you know you’re looking great, smelling …

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All Good in the Hood: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Clitoris

1.It’s More than Meets the Eye A 3D model of the clitoris is just starting to make its rounds in Sex Ed. Classes, and honestly it’s about time. …

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Vaginismus & Anorgasmia - What They Are & What to Do About Them

Vaginismus & Anorgasmia: What They Are & What to Do About Them

What exactly are vaginismus and anorgasmia? You may have not heard these terms, or at least, may not have the whole truth about them, but they may affect …

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A Safe Sex Guide for LGBTQ Folks

Sexual relationships and intimacy are complicated. And when identity and sexual politics gets thrown into the mix, this can create an even more involved situation. Being communicative about …

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Oops! Accidental Orgasms Explained

While some are afflicted with anorgasmia – the inability to orgasm — there are those for whom the pendulum swings the entirely opposite way: people who have orgasms …

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Hug a Prostate: Proper Care for Your Pleasure Gland

Pegging, butt plugs, anal vibrators and milking all the way down to fisting: the prostate is a source of so much sexual pleasure. The Internet, as well as …

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HPV, Oral Sex & Cancer: What’s the Risk?

When people talk about safe sex, they usually refer to male condoms, and almost exclusively in the context of penetrative vaginal or anal sex. However, using barrier protection …

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