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Sensual Wellbeing

The latest sex health news, tips and advice to help you enjoy a more vibrant sensual lifestyle.

Rubbed the Wrong Way: Can You Masturbate ‘Too Hard’?

Today we’re going to talk about the sensitive topic of sensitivity, or rather, maintaining sensitivity. For women, we are going to center the topic around using vibrators and …

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How to Make Sure Stress Doesn’t Doom Your Bedroom

Sex, with its rush of endorphins and other happy brain chemicals – not to mention the exercise you get – is a great way to relieve stress. Unfortunately, …

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Penis Perils: 8 Afflictions to Avoid!

Sensitive souls might like to look away now – particularly if they have a penis. Thing is, there’s a reason some guys call it their ‘crown jewels’: their …

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Clit Literate: Learning the Truth Behind an Anatomical Wonder

Clit Vibrator Sale: Up to 47% Off During SONA’s 1st Anniversary! Fun fact: the word clitoris takes its name from the Ancient Greek for ‘key.’ That’s pleasingly fitting …

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Should You Be Doing Kegel Exercises?

If you’re considering Kegels and wondering whether they’re right for you or whether you should be doing them – just stop. Yes, they are, and yes you categorically …

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All Lubed Up & Ready to Go: Why (and How) to Use Lube

While the word ‘lube’ might conjure up memories of questionable frat-hosted wrestling events or comically over-sized tubs of jelly on a porn set, using lube is one of …

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Dear LELO: How Do I Tell My Partner I Have an STI?

Dear LELO, Help! After an abnormal Pap smear, I was referred for a colposcopy… and have been told I have HPV. I have no idea who I got …

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Don’t Suffer in Silence! The 5 Most Common Sexual Problems in Men

Like all other facets of physical well-being, our sexual health can occasionally go awry. Whether rooted in reasons physical, neurological or psychological, it’s important to treat intimate health …

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The New STI You Haven’t Heard About Yet

We may feel like we’re fairly well versed in the ABC’s of different STDs (which are more correctly referred to as STIs nowadays) but due to antibiotic-resistant strains …

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15 Condom Mistakes You’re Probably Making

What good is using a seatbelt if you don’t put it on correctly, or a helmet that doesn’t fit? Similarly, what is the point of using a condom …

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