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Sensual Wellbeing

The latest sex health news, tips and advice to help you enjoy a more vibrant sensual lifestyle.

Do Male Anal Orgasms Exist? LELO Investigates the Prostate Climax

Prostate (n.): 1640s, from Greek prostates “leader, ruler, guardian; one standing in front,” so called from its position at the base of the bladder.   For such an …

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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know (and More) About Prostate Massage [Infographic]

Is prostate massage healthy? Is it easy to do? How do I massage my prostate? All of these questions and more are answered by LELO in this simple …

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5 Tips for Male Sexual Health

When we think of male sexual health, our minds often jump straight to STI checks and perhaps an uncomfortable yearly appointment with your GP after you turn 40. …

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The LELO Safe Sex Survey

At LELO, we are dedicated to helping people get the most pleasure from their sex life, and to do so it’s impossible to ignore the importance of sexual …

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Naked Yoga – A Celebration of the Body

Many of us practice yoga for the health benefits it brings, but it has many other benefits. Its meditative components help us focus on our breathing and clear …

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kegel exercises

Pelvic Floor Exercise: Why & How to Tone Those Kegels

With all the lifting, stretching, running and sweating so many of us do at the gym however many times a week, we’re here to tell you about one …

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Romance Yourself: Gift Ideas for You (from You)

Gifting yourself for the holidays is actually pretty awesome, when you think about it; you know exactly what you want, and you can get it for yourself guilt-free …

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Aches and Pains? Here, have an Orgasm

It’s no secret that orgasms are awesome. Aside from the obvious reasons (they feel awesome), they also reinforce pair bonding between partners, and you can keep in even …

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The Health Benefits of Masturbation

Clit Vibrator Sale: Up to 47% Off During SONA’s 1st Anniversary! Since science and sex began making friends some time towards the end of the 20th century, the …

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Sex for Men: The Facts and Figures

From the lesser-known male turn-ons to the complex range of emotions they experience before, during and after sex, men are surprisingly complicated creatures when it comes to lovemaking. …

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