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Sex in the News

All the latest news from the weird, wild and wonderful world of sex.

Survey: We Want to Hear YOUR Office Holiday Party Stories…

Last year’s office holiday party may seem like a distant memory, but we would like you to cast your mind back to Decembers past for a moment to …

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You might Question our Security, but You can’t Argue with Our Protection

‘Celebrity sex toys,’ they said. ‘The best luxury pleasure brand in the world,’ they said. ‘Redefined a stagnant industry,’ they said. And while the press acclaim for LELO …

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Dirty Pictures: The Sexy Symbols in Famous Art that You Never Noticed

Artists have been communicating ideas around sex and love for centuries—we’re looking at you, you saucy ancient Greeks, randy Romans and erotic Egyptians!—but for significant chunks of history, …

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Celibacy Syndrome: What Is It, and Should We Be Concerned?

In the following article, we investigate the so called celibacy syndrome that, according to some, is plaguing the Millenial generation.  Contributor Emma Sayle of Killing Kittens offers her …

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Have You Heard About Stealthing (Secretly Taking off Condoms During Sex)?

We’re no strangers to how new trends and technologies affect even our sex lives; we’ve seen how dating and social media have become inextricably linked, and how sudden …

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Outrageous, Irresponsible, and Criminal: Non-Consensual Sex at a Cinema near You

 With only a handful of laudable exceptions, issues of consent tend to get woefully shortchanged when it comes to sex on the silver screen. Think presumably telepathic characters, …

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Every Woman For Herself: Women are Now Buying as Many Condoms as Men

With International Women’s Day on March 8 aiming to #BeBoldForChange, many sex experts and authorities around the world have begun to recognize the importance of condom buying by …

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Meet Betony Vernon, the Famous Creator of Elegantly Erotic Jewelry

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to speak with Betony Vernon; a designer, author and sexual anthropologist whose stunning works have graced the bodies and boudoirs …

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5 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Should Be All About Sex (Again)

  Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the US, if not the biggest. It’s a time for family, for appreciating everything we have in our lives, …

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What Makes A Good Sub?

What Makes A Good Submissive?

What makes a good sub? It’s a question that many submissively-inclined kinksters will struggle with at one point or another in their sex life: “Am I a good …

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