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Sex in the News

All the latest news from the weird, wild and wonderful world of sex.

50 Shades of Grey Trailer Review

Well, this isn’t going to end well for anyone. It’s been a couple of years in development hell but now, at long last, we can dust off our ...

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5 Sexual Encounters That Changed The World

Sex has the power to change your life, but does it have the power to change the entire world? Short answer: yes. Here are 5 examples of world-changing ...

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Who’s More Sexually Satisfied: The Middle Class or The 1 Percent?

If you were reading The Times, Jezebel, The Daily Mail, or any other hundreds of news websites this week, you’ve no doubt come across reportage of a Spanish ...

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Men Want More Sex in Winter, Says Science

If you notice that your bedroom action is getting hotter despite the temperature outside getting colder, don’t be surprised – according to new research, chillier months find men ...

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No French Word for ‘French Kiss’ – Until Now

Did you know that France’s hottest-ever export has never had a French name? And no, we’re not talking about baguettes. The French kiss finally has a French name ...

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The Fifty Shades Effect: UK Couples Having 3 Times More Sex

The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ book series is still flying off store shelves and being downloaded faster than any book in history (sorry Harry), and it now seems ...

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