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Sex Tips & Advice

Enjoy even more incredible intimacy with our collection of sex tips, tricks and fresh ideas.

The World’s Weirdest Sex Records: Part 1

Sex is already a pretty weird and wonderful thing at the best of times. What with all those hormones, emotions and health benefits, not to mention the, ahem, …

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Using Wireless Vibrators… In Public!

Since the dawn of man, it’s been a dream that we have kept like a glowing red coal clutched in the cradle of our hearts; that one day, …

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LELO Tips: How to Make a Sex Tape

Have you ever felt like getting frisky on film? Sure, now that we’ve all got high definition cameras in our phones, a sex tape (or sex video – …

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Explore Sexual Role Playing

Sexual desire is as diverse as it is personal, and sometimes we don’t find it easy to share our most intimate thoughts even with the people closest to …

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The Basics of Bondage for Beginners

If the word ‘bondage’ fills your mind’s eye with shocking images of leather masks, uncomfortable looking spikes and being locked away in a dark cellar somewhere in central …

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Crazy Aphrodisiacs from Around the World

Everywhere on earth, people have some crazy practices related to sex that extend not only to the act itself, but also to getting in the mood. We’re talking …

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The Ideal Time to Spend Making Love

Luckily we all have different likes and turn ons and we all derive sexual satisfaction in different ways, so the topic of the ideal duration for intercourse remains …

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Reach Your Big ‘O’

Here at LELO, we’re big fans of orgasms and we’re big fans of statistics, so allow us to throw a couple of orgasm-related stats your way. While there …

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4 Signs that He’s a Player

A curiously solitary yet sociable creature, the lesser-spotted womanizer – known in some parts as the player – can often be seen prowling local hangouts most evenings and …

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8 Great Places for Quality Quickie Sex

People have never been in such a hurry and for this reason among others, the art of the quickie remains alive and well. We think that’s great news, …

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