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Sex Tips & Advice

Enjoy even more incredible intimacy with our collection of sex tips, tricks and fresh ideas.

A Happier New Year with LELO

What to wear on New Year’s Eve? This is the question that’s nearly as important as where to go and what to do. But after you’ve got your ...

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Tips & Tricks: Sexy Role Play Ideas for the Bedroom

Sensual role playing; according to our survey findings, more people than ever before are enjoying it, yet we still get a number of questions on Facebook and Twitter regarding the why’s and how’s ...

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5 Surprising Bondage Tips & Facts for Curious Beginners

Over the past decade there have been a handful of books that have powerfully and positively nudged women out of their comfort zones and into the mysterious unknown. ...

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5 Orgasm Facts You Need to Know

Ancient Buddhist teachings say that trying to use words to describe life’s most wondrous feelings—peace and enlightenment for example—strips them of their true essence. And while most of ...

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Infographic: 5 Reasons Why More Sex Helps Your Career

Did you know that the happiness you derive from sexual satisfaction can make you more effective at your job? That’s right; and we’ve got an infographic to prove ...

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Choosing the Safest Sex Toys: A LELO Guide

In the enlightened times we live in, we’re now more conscious than ever of choosing products that are not only safe for our bodies, but the environment as ...

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Finding Your LELO Libido Booster

They say that if it feels good it’s probably bad for you, but LELO is the proof that’s not the case – as confirmed by renowned healthy lifestyle ...

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