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Sex Tips & Advice

Enjoy even more incredible intimacy with our collection of sex tips, tricks and fresh ideas.

Get Tied Down -The 4 Best Positions for Using Handcuffs

Get Tied Down: An Illustrated Guide to the Top 5 Handcuffed Sex Positions

Handcuffs, be they silken and luxurious or plastic and fuzzy, are many people’s first introduction to bondage play. Whether you’ve since become more advanced, or are just looking ...

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5 Surprising Alternate Uses for Condoms

5 Surprising Uses for Condoms in and out of the Bedroom

Condoms are an amazingly effective (and sometimes, downright sexy) addition to pleasure that make for safer sex, but that’s not all they’re good for; just check out the ...

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Terms of Entanglement: A BDSM & Kink Glossary

Terms of Entanglement: A BDSM & Kink Glossary

The world of kink can be a little intimidating to curious beginners, even before you get inundated with all sorts of new terms, slang and acronyms. Below, we’ve ...

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day can be fraught with indecision. It’s a relatively minor saint’s day that we’ve made into a relationship holiday that also affects those not in relationships. While ...

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Top 5 Sexiest Ways to Put a Condom On

The 5 Sexiest Ways to Put a Condom on Your Partner

Condoms are sometimes looked at as an inconvenient necessity rather than a sensual part of your sex life ― but is that fair? There are plenty of reasons ...

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Paying Lip Service: Top 4 Cunnilingus Techniques

Our previous findings about oral sex, both from our oral sex mini survey and through the LELO Global Survey, have revealed some interesting (but perhaps not so surprising) ...

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Volonte_EN_psychology of asubmissive_20150715

The Psychology of Submission: Equal But Different

I imagine that anyone outside of the BDSM lifestyle, especially those who don’t practice Dominance and submission (D/s) look at those of us on the inside as strange ...

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At the Back of Your Mind: Anal Pleasure through Oral Sex

This year is predicted to be the year of the broken taboo, particularly as it pertains to exploration of anal pleasure. Outdated stigmas and assumptions are being shed ...

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Sex in Cold Weather

Top 5 Tips for Hotter Sex When it’s Cold Out

Just because temperatures are dipping doesn’t mean your sex drive has to follow suit. Actually, we find the opposite tends to be true (the most common  shared birthday ...

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exercise for sex

5 More Exercises for Better Sex

It’s a virtuous circle – sex is great for your health, and health is great for your sex. At this post-holidays time of resolutions and optimistic gym memberships, we’re ...

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