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Enjoy even more incredible intimacy with our collection of sex tips, tricks and fresh ideas.

Quick & Dirty Guide to Christmas Gifts

Christmas: it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and some people will put a lot of stock into what they get in their stockings at Christmas. Never …

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No partner, No Problem: 4 Couples’ Toys You Can Use Solo

While we definitely have an opinion on what counts as a couples’ toy – ie: anything, if you put your mind to it – we know that some …

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Not So Fast! How to Enjoy Sex in The Slow Lane

It’s true what they say: good things really do come to those who wait – including mind-blowing pleasure! Sure, quickies have their place, but sex in the slow …

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When Your Thanksgiving Turkey is More Than Just a Dinner

Knowing your porn from your poultry this Thanksgiving will give some saucy shoppers even bigger discounts on LELO’s Black Friday menu. Be it bronzed, oiled thighs, or a …

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What is a Forced Orgasm?

Giving up control can be one of the most attractive aspects of BDSM – from the use of ropes for bondage to acting out role play scenarios with …

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Gotta Catch ‘em All! 6 Different Types of Orgasm

‘Nut’, ‘bust’, ‘come’ or ‘cum’ (ugh) – no matter what you call it, an orgasm is an orgasm. Or is it? As you likely know, climaxes come in …

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Hold the Phone: 5 Ways Your Phone Can Make Sex Better

People have been freaking out about how some new piece of technology is heralding the collapse of society since the invention of the gramophone (and guess what? We’re …

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Pedal to the Metal: How To Make Sure You BOTH Orgasm During a Quickie

We get it: you’re busy! What with work, socializing with friends, hitting the gym, house admin, maybe childcare, daydreams about marathon sex sessions can end up being just …

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Are Male Multiple Orgasms Possible?

In the ongoing race between the sexes, we often assume that women get the short end of the stick, given how much more difficult – or at least, …

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Yes, No & Maybe So: The Sexy To-Do List You Should Fill Out Together

While getting to know the idiosyncratic facets of a new partner’s personality is half the fun of a new relationship, there is something to be said for coming …

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