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Sex Trend for 2014: The Vanilla Revolution is Here!

Sex Trends 2014

After nearly 2 years of Fifty Shades of Grey turning the sex toy tides and dominating the fantasies of millions everywhere, we at LELO are looking at our charts, facts and figures and seeing that 2014 has something totally different in store.

We’re currently experiencing a shift in couples’ attitudes, moving away from the light BDSM gear that was so popular little over one year ago (and covered in our What Women Want Now infographic), and towards sex toys that represent a longer-term investment in intimacy. LELO is dubbing this change in behavior the ‘Vanilla Revolution’.

Trends that further explain the Vanilla Revolution include:

Couples’ massagers currently rule the day, and for the first time are topping LELO’s sales figures in over 20 international markets for 3 months running. For the uninitiated, a couples’ massager is one that is suited specifically to enhance foreplay or lovemaking, and does not feature a traditional phallic design typical of many sex toys.

A case in point is Ida™, one of our latest massagers that women wear during lovemaking to increase pleasure for both partners and the HULA Beads™, which enhance the feelings a woman experiences during foreplay.

LELO IdaLELO Hula Beads

According to the 2012/2013 Global Sex Survey, nearly 60% of couples had used sex toys together, and with the launch of our next Global Sex Survey starting in January, we hope to find out even more sexual wants, needs and habits of men and women everywhere.

To be among the first to know when the 2014 LELO Global Sex Survey is underway, register at http://www.lelo.com/survey.php

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Donna is a Volonté contributor and freelance writer who lives in San Francisco with her husband and two sons. Her work has appeared in Psychology Today, Go! Magazine (Australia) and is regularly featured in the San Francisco Herald.

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