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Why Is It so Difficult to Forgive Unfaithfulness?

Why is it so difficult to forgive unfaithfulness?

Love is a very complicated matter. Most of us know that. It is such a big deal that we have written a lot about this subject, we have …

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Hooking Up at a House Party: 5 Tips for Sneaky Sex

Hooking Up at a House Party

There are many reasons why you might want to get it on while everyone else is getting down at a house party: maybe you and your partner have …

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Can Friends with Benefits Actually Work?

Friends with benefits

The subject of many-a romcom and ‘will they or won’t they’ sitcom storyline, friends who become more than friends but less than boyfriend-and-girlfriend (to use secondary school parlance) …

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Hands Up if You’re Ready to Try Fisting for International Fisting Day

October 21st is International Fisting Day, we thought we’d take the time to explain one of more commonly misunderstood sexual acts–so let’s plunge right in. What is Fisting? …

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Tips to Make Oral Better for Both Partners

Improve your oral sex

How can you improve on an already good thing? Even when it comes to oral sex, it’s surely possible. And no – I am not talking about making …

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The Etiquette of Airbnb Sex

With the summer holidays naturally comes summer holiday travels, and you’re no doubt looking for some long weekend getaways to far and medium-flung locales. You’re also no doubt …

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Hot Tips for Cooler Summer Sex

Hot Summer Sex Tips

When the mercury rises at the height of the hottest season, it’s fair to say that sometimes summer lovin’ can get put on the back burner. But don’t …

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Things I’d Tell a Younger Me About Sex & Romance

I’m 35 years old and I work in the creative industry. What I mean to say is that on any given day, I am usually the oldest person …

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Ice it Up, Spice it Up: Top 5 Sex Games with Ice

As the weather heats up, we thought we’d divulge some of our most sizzlin’ summer sex secrets. Here are our top five fun and freaky foreplay games with …

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Beach Blanket Bingo! Tips for Sex in the Sand

Spring is in full swing, which means that a lucky few of us are already off visiting warmer climes, and the rest of us are busy making plan …

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