the opthalmologist erotic story

The Opthalmologist – An Erotic Story

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The ophthalmologist, Dr. Mahoney, welcomed the thin Michelle into his office. “How are you doing this afternoon?”

With beautiful confidence and cropped platinum blonde curls, she answered simply, “I’m doing well.”

He offered her the patient’s chair and turned off the lights.

“Having any problems with your eyes?”

“This is just a routine checkup.” She smiled, despite the dark.

“Let’s have a look-see,” he said in an easy-going doctorly tone.

Dr. Mahoney adjusted the large awkward phoropter in front of Michelle’s sweet face. “If you’ll please lean forward so the bridge of your nose is touching the device.”

She shifted slightly in the chair. Dr. Mahoney rolled toward her on his low stool. His fresh cologne, a clean scent that matched his easy coolness, wafted from him and into her narrow nose. Pleasant and attractive.

The doctor continued his examination. He flipped a few lenses so she was looking at a blurry room.  A few more lens changes, and her vision of the room focused.

“There is a row of letters on the wall. Read the smallest row,” he said.

She squinted. “Y U X T B E.”

“Very good.” He adjusted the lenses again. “Can you read the bottom row?”

“Oh my god!” Michelle backed away from the device, giggling to the handsome man before her. “Doctor, I am going to read what I see, okay? Consider that a warning.” He nodded and she moved back into place against the phoropter. “I see an F and a U, a C, and a K.”

Dr. Mahoney chuckled. “Not quite, but pretty good.”

“Do you put bad words on the wall to confuse patients?” She then lowered her voice. “Because, if you did, then I would like to read more.”

“I’m afraid you missed that row of letters, Michelle.”

“How bad was I off?”

“Overall, you’re doing fine.” He moved the phoropter to the side and sat directly before her. “I’m going to shine a bright light in your eye. Keep your focus over my shoulder.”

He leaned forward with his small light. Michelle felt him close to her, that same clean scent hung between them. Staring forward, she noticed his fresh, cut dark hair. His crested ear with a lobe she would love to nibble.

“Michelle, I need you to keep your eyes straight, looking over my shoulder.”

“Sorry. It was the light.”

She focused more intently over his shoulder. Feeling him so close though, she allowed her legs to open as her skirt permitted, being innocent. For a brief electrifying moment, the doctor’s and her knees brushed.

“Excuse me,” Dr. Mahoney said.

“No, excuse me.” Michelle spoke sultrily. But she let her knees close in upon his knee. “I didn’t mean to.”

Dr. Mahoney was quiet, steady, calculating. So he began his pursuit. He moved closer to her and pressed his hand on her warm thigh, just above her knee. Meanwhile, he continued examining her eyes with the bright light. Yet, it was no longer the exam she had scheduled for late that afternoon.

“Which is better. This one—” He massaged her thigh. “—or this.” His hand slid higher, under the light fabric of her skirt until his fingers touched her panties, the crease where her thigh met her hip.

She yipped at his touch. The suspense had caught her off guard. She had been wondering how far his hand would explore, enjoying the rough, strong hand that had inched farther and higher.

She gathered her wits and expelled the tension from her chest. “The second one, definitely.”

“How about this?” He shifted his stool in front of her and put his other hand on her thigh. She felt his warm hand grip her flesh. He then dug his hand under the skirt and moved deeper.

“This is much, much better than before,” Michelle whispered.

“I thought so,” he said sternly, just as his other hand reached her hip.

His fingers burrowed beyond the elastic bands of her panties and traveled around to dig firmly into her fleshy ass.

His firm torso was in her lap. She looked down at the perfect part in his hair, the brown hair darkened further by the low lighting, his solid brow. Then his eyes glanced upward, meeting hers. It was again electric. He would only allow it for a moment.

He jerked her to the edge of the patient’s chair. Her ass was barely on the seat and her panties were at her knees. His hands gripped the milky white flesh of her legs. 

He kept her trapped in the chair. Eyes stern and unwavering, fierce even. She wasn’t with the doctor who had welcomed her, smiling, into his office, who had begun examining her vision. This now was a beast. And he had transformed before her, ethereally. No overt action. Unnoticeable until unveiled.

He grew taller, he grew silent, he grew statuesque, he grew ominous. Still she had a stimulating concern for an unknown sadistic nature. Her heart sped up. She felt off-kilter, her neck strained. His calloused hands gripped her tighter. A harsh massage along her legs hurt her tendons and muscles. With a further shift, those masculine hands clutched her ankles without mercy. The hold clenched her as she went backward. A rush of cool air hit her when her skirt fell. She realized she had been slowly laid back in the examination chair. Her feet were higher than her head. Through it all, her small, red panties remained in place at her knees.

Dr. Mahoney removed one of her red-bottomed stiletto heels and then the other. He set the Christian Louboutin pair on a counter on top of the digital images of her retina.

He was out of view briefly, and he reappeared beside her. She saw his dick out. Before her mind could register, he dragged the hardness over her face. He outlined the curve of her high cheekbone and the lovely nose, up its bridge and to her shaped eyebrows. Then he whacked her cheek with his rod. He did not hold back. He whacked her again.

She had nothing to say. She had never been in such a position. She was stunned.

He spoke unexpectedly to her. He had a gravelly voice. “Put out your tongue.”

She did as told, without a thought. The tip of his dick touched the tip of her tongue. She smiled, enjoying the touch with this brute above her. Then he jammed his cock into her mouth, going deep and harshly. She gagged first and began to squirm in the chair. Her hands grabbed the armrests. Her legs fluttered in spite of her panties. But he grabbed both of her ankles with one strong hand. The grip pressed her ankles together as one and straightened her legs high.

She found a rhythm with his thrusts. Each pump pushed out her cheek, straining it, stinging.

He pulled out and a long strand of thick saliva tried to keep the two locked. However, the cord snapped and swung back to hit Michelle’s fair face.

The doctor moved so she was looking directly up at him. Their eyes connected again as she felt the chair lower further. She remained silent and waiting, under the control of this man. He stepped forward and towed his heavy balls over her forehead, onto her eyes, down her nose. A new spice entered her nostrils. A hot, dark smell, a scent of work and tang. He rested his sack over her mouth.

She kissed the large balls. The kiss was brief, gentle, and the doctor did not like it.

“You better put these nuts in your mouth and suck if you want to breathe again. I want my balls wet from your sucking.”

She opened her mouth wide. The pair dropped in as her mouth could allow. Her tongue licked the rough, tough sack, and her lips kissed, wrapping each one separately in her own warmth. Having regained her balance in this awkward position, she let go of the chair’s armrests. And continued to please him.

He stood tall above her. One hand still holding her ankles tightly.

“You breathless?” he scolded.

His other hand slid into the top of her blouse. He felt his way passed the buttons and into her bra. He squeezed her soft breasts. He pinched her sensitive nipples.

With jittery hands and a full mouth, she unbuttoned her blouse. Several buttons undone, and it fell open. She grabbed the cups of her bra, letting her breasts fall out. His available hand grabbed the left breast with little mercy. He pulled the flesh and then pressed it, squishing it against her chest. The harshness made her turn her head and gasp for air. But the doctor would not allow it. He lowered himself onto her face, while continuing inflicting the pain on that single breast. She inhaled his dankness through her open nostrils. He bobbed on her face and squeezed her titties.

When she shook her head, he eased up on her. Her face was red, overheated, and beading with sweat and a tense fear.

He released her ankles. Her legs bent and opened, as the red panties would allow. He leaned forward to place a kiss on her bellybutton. He looked back at her, catching her fearful eyes, looking beyond her physical eye, somewhere she felt no one had looked. She enjoyed the moment. The chance would not last though.

She felt two large fingers spread the petals of her pussy and enter in. The manly fingers and coarse knuckles were rough against the softest skin, even with the slippery layers of wetness. He drove his fingers deep several times. Then he withdrew them and brought both fingers to her mouth. She expected to suck them, but, as unexpected as he was becoming, he wiped the juice below her nose on her upper lip. He reached back to her pussy, pulled out more juice and then glazed it over each of her eyebrows. For a third time, he gathered her wetness and then smeared it down the bridge of her nose. A fourth time, he marked her chin. A fifth time he coated her lips, as if it were a balm.

He began to reset the chair upright. Meanwhile, the wetness was drying on her face, especially on her eyebrows and the tiny hairs on her upper lip. Once erect, he pulled her off the chair and pushed her onto his stool. Her breasts dangled off the front, her knees rubbed on the rough carpet. Her ass was bare.

Dr. Mahoney picked up her stilettos from the counter. He clapped the red soles together, sounding like a spark of electricity. “Nice pair,” he said and knelt on one knee beside her, looking into her once more. “I knew from the moment I saw you in these heels you had a streak.”

Regaining herself from the romp in the chair, she mustered, “From my heels?”

The fierce man drew heavy circles on both sides of her butt with the stiletto of a heel and then dragged the heel through her ass. He gave a gritty grin. “Yes, these heels,” he said. A moment later, she felt a sharp sting on her ass. The burning straightened her back. He spanked the other side of her ass, twice as hard. It stung, causing her to contort.

He looked at her. “Do you realize the red of these heels speaks volumes to the mental state and pleasures desired by the woman wearing them?”

He paused, but her non-answer was worth, to him, another paddle on her ass. He tapped her hard at the lower end of her butt. And continued to tap her harder until it became a punishment for not answering him.

When he paused, her pain on her bare ass turned from a hot, sharpness to cool and dull. “No, I don’t know,” she whimpered.

He continued, “Buying these heels are characteristic of a woman who prefers being treated as a bad girl. You’ve got the perfect pearly flesh for turning your ass as red as these soles. And you want it that way.” And he spanked her again, like a child who was caught stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. “You’ve also got the taut ass to make the red matter.” He gave two more spanks with the Louboutin stilettos.

Over the last few minutes, her pearly white ass had turned pink but was now red.

Dr. Mahoney paused when there was a knock on the office door. Michelle gasped, knowing the position she was in, bare-bottomed and disheveled.

“I’m with a patient,” the doctor said, having returned his voice to a calm, deep tone.

“Yes, sir. I just wanted to tell you your next appointment had to cancel.”

“Thank you, Mindy,” he said coolly.

He turned back to Michelle, who was still bent over his stool. His voice may have changed but his beastliness had not. He stroked his dick, thickening and strengthening again.

“No four-o’clock?” she asked.

“I do have a four-o’clock,” he said with quicker strokes.

“It just canceled.”

“No it hasn’t.” He walked in front of her. “You’re my four-o’clock. Now, open your mouth wide.”

She pushed the stool aside. On her knees she let his engorged cock glide into her wet mouth.

It tasted piquant, a tang that spread over her tongue. She loved the feel of the piston in her mouth, maneuvering her tongue to cause his body to twist and his jaw to clench and release. She knew she had some remaining power, despite a worn body and mind. Her skills worked. Soon he had a handful of her hair as he pulled back her ravenous mouth. He was ready to end it all with an explosion. She wanted that end too. Not to end now, but to make him reach his end on her timeline. She wanted to be the true catalyst, the power player.

Her head was pulled back, her tongue still stretched far as she tried to flick the red-headed cock. Unable to reach, she finally said, “You know what a red, overheated dick means? It means it needs a good pussy.”

“Think your pussy’s that good?”

“It’s four o’clock. Find out.”

The clock on the wall chimed four times.

The doctor moved behind her. He leaned Michelle over the stool again, pressing his hand on her back. She spread her reddened ass apart. He aimed his raging cock and drove deep inside of her slick pussy. Her lungs expelled a deep breath from the pressure of his initial thrust. Her eyes remained bulged with the brutal blitz from the doctor. Wincing and biting her lip to control herself. She exhaled and puffed out her cheeks each time she was rammed. Her arms wrapped around the stool for life. She was soon grunting and heaving, barking at times. Her blonde curls were in a torrent around her face. She was simply being fucked without remorse.

Moments later, there was the undeniable, unstoppable, moment when a man crests and limbos between finishing and enjoying the fleeting moments of pleasure. Dr. Mahoney groaned and drove his hips hard against her ass to drive his dick deep into her pussy. She hit her peak because of him. Her pussy suctioned against his cock. A quick series of thrusts, and he exploded inside of her. He remained stationary, still connected to her. Once he had recovered, he pushed the stool forward with her on it.

Afterward, he remained in the patient’s chair, his pants at his ankles. Red-faced and overheated, beads of sweat on his forehead. She pulled on her panties, studying him. She buttoned her blouse cautiously, seeing that he was morphing into himself again. She slipped on her stilettoes, seeing his face eased, softened. An ophthalmologist again.

Michelle picked up her white tote bag. “I need to pick out frames soon. It’s just too late today. I’ll make an appointment with your office assistant.” Before she left, she flicked the trigger on the chair, and it began to ease back. Dr. Mahoney was too tired to care.

Michelle walked past the assistant’s desk but stopped. “Mindy, the doctor may need some help in there.” Then she left.