Your Wildest Dreams: Women’s Top 10 Erotic Fantasies

What are the most common female sexual fantasies? It’s a question many men have asked, but many women as well; because women’s fantasies are not often talked about (or catered to until recently in mainstream pornography). Many women fear that their erotic dreams of being dominated, bound and whipped, having sex with another, being the center of attention in an orgy,  or having wild sex with a stranger are abnormal, or make them a ‘weirdo.’

Rank your top fantasies below and see how your fears are put to rest, and maybe pick up a better understanding of these fantasies (and even how to make them a reality!)

Take a look at the following fantasies and see which ones excite you; chances are, the results will make you feel a lot less alone in your kinks and desires!

Of Kinks and Compromise: Sharing your Fantasies