Press Releases

Jeffrey Fashion Cares
LELO Sponsors 'Jeffrey Fashion Cares' Charity Event

Stockholm/San Jose – March 24th, 2015: The world’s leading luxury pleasure brand LELO today announced their proud sponsorship of the...

LELO's 10 Ways to Make It Happen For International Women’s Day

Stockholm/San Jose – March 4th, 2015: This year’s International Women’s Day is on Sunday 8th March and the theme is #MakeItHappen...

LELO Announces Mainstream Movie Starring Casper Van Dien

Stockholm/San Jose – February 10th, 2015: Leading luxury sex toy brand LELO today released a new trailer and interactive experience for Beyond...

Ready to be Gift-roped & Valen-tied at LELO in 2015?

This year more than ever, kink, bondage and BDSM are in the news right along with love, sex and romance, thanks to the release of 50 Shades of...

New LELO Sex Toy SIRI 2 Vibrates in Time to Your Favorite Song

Stockholm/San Jose – January 15th, 2015: Luxury brand LELO has launched a new sound-responsive sex toy that that can also be used...

The Tipping Point for Sex Talk: 2015 The Year We Open Up About Sex

Stockholm/San Jose – December 30, 2014: Love it or hate it, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that 50 Shades of Grey has helped...