How to connect my F1s?

1. Download F1S App and install it on your phone
2. Make sure device is turned OFF (lights are turned off, if device is ON press and hold the power button until lights stops)
3. Start the App, wait introduction video to finish or tap SKIP in bottom right part of the screen
4. "Connect device" screen will show with a message: "Press the button on the device to connect"
5. Press power button on F1S device, it should blink signaling F1S is in connecting mode 
6. Animation will continue and new screen will appear "Confirm connection" with message "Press the button on the device to confirm connection"
7. Press power button once on F1S device to confirm connection
8. Device will start to vibrate for one second and then it will stop. This is indication that F1S is connected with the App
9. F1S menu screen will show with Play, About F1S, legal and Disconnect options
10. Please read FAQ or watch the video on how to connect your F1s