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The world’s first vibrating prostate massager that moves back and forth to beckon you toward the absolute pinnacle of prostate pleasure.

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LOKI Wave ™ is sleekly designed and perfectly shaped to offer both external and internal stimulation from its dual-motors, and is the first prostate vibrator to offer a ‘come-hither’ motion. Fully waterproof and with adjustable power across 10 stimulation modes, LOKI Wave™ will beckon you to the most intense and memorable orgasms of your life.

Loki Wave Obsidian Black
Obsidian Black

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21 LELO LOKI Wave reviews

Pillow Talk

21 LELO LOKI Wave reviews
19th Mar 2017


I could barely handle how incredible this thing felt inside me before I even turned it on. The material is lovely and soft - it's even a little erotic just to touch with your hand. And the contours really help it nestle into just the right position. Once I finally started the wave, it kept me gasping with pleasure for over an hour. Now, I've got a big ol' box of things I like to put in my butt, but this one is providing the most intense sexual experiences of my life so far.

I'm not going to lie - the price tag made me cringe a little bit. But thoughts of money kind of melted away that first time Loki left me twitching in a puddle of my own sweat and juices.

7th Jan 2017


...And after looking at the name of my toy, on the box, I just discovered than my favorite sex toy (well... after"the hand of itachi") is ... A male toy. Well... designed for Anal. Great.
Ok LISTEN !!!! That toy can be vaginal ! And it's not because I am a girl, than I am going to buy my toys in PINK !!! (Rebel !!) And it's still going to stay my favourite. Mostly because it stay inside so well while on... and also the move is everywhere on the toy while on. It vibe to me inside, like on my clito.

Loki, with your warrior name, I love you. Thank you for all the pleasure you give me in my play-time.
And thank you for your 10 year warantee you came with (as I know now it's bullshit !! You will never let me down !!! <3 )

P. Gasmic
25th Dec 2016

P. Gasmic

I've mostly dabbled in glass toys or using my fingers. I tried a glass toys that had a vibrating bullet attached.
This toy was my first real venture into vibrators and I have been mind blown. Quality + the company warranty puts me at ease. The silicone is the best I have seen, very pleased with how smoothe it is, and how easy it cleans. The length and girth of the shaft seem well disgned for me, no complaints. The taint tickler is surprisingly enjoyable, never thought it was a big deal but I guess the taint needs some action too. The vibration intensity is as much as I can handle. The wave function is hands down the best thing my prostate has ever felt. I felt a little uncomfortable at first but after I relaxed, it literally squeezed the cum out of me. I think I came within 2 minutes of playing with the settings the first time. Found my favorite. The next day I went straight in with my favorite setting and blew my load really fast lol. I'm not used to it yet. I like the variety of settings but I wish there were settings that effected the waves pattern. I want one that pushes against the prostate and holds a vibration for 1 second before returning without vibration.
Definitely happy, definitely recommend to anyone trying to put stuff in their butt.

9th Dec 2016


This is the most expensive toy I've ever purchased and it is completely worth it! I'm not a newbie to vibes, I've been a Babeland customer for years and always wanted to try a Lelo product. I like the long warranties and sleek designs. They feel way sexier to me than the neon alien phallus looking vibes from fun factory (while I love my FF toys too). When I scored a discount coupon, I decided to try out a toy from this line (the ina, mona or loki) because I liked the idea of the back and fourth motion. I went into a store to check out the sizes and shapes. While the Ina would have been my first guess, when i looked at each toy, I had a feeling that the loki would fit my body better. I was 100% right. I got this toy in the mail today and used it vaginally and on my clit. The sensations were amazing. The velvety texture feels great against my skin, I like the loki's smaller size given the force with which the internal piece moves inside me. The external peice is wide, giving me a sweet sensation on my whole clit. It fits PERFECTLY. It took me a few minutes to really understand the controls, but it quickly became intuitive. I came 3 times in 3 different ways in the first half hour. The alternating of pulsing, steady vibes and the come hither motion is so good. It's unlike any other toy I've ever had. I have options to be more active, creating a variety of sensation with control and thrusting the toy gently in and out, or I can change the sensation by moving my torso, but it also feels awesome when I'm completely passive. Because of the shape and how well it fits, i dont even need to prop it on a pillow or anything. I can literally just put it in and get off. Plus this box and bag it comes in is beautiful. And it doesn't look overly feminine so my partner will totally feel masculine using it on me too. It's so apparent how much thought went in to this toy. Thanks Lelo, I love my Loki.

9th Nov 2016


Honestly I was sceptical and scared at first. Wasn't sure about having something so big up my ass but when I got it, it wasn't as big as I thought it would be. Took awhile at first to get use to it but once I did, oh boy. If you're having second thoughts like I did about ass play, don't. I wish I bought this sooner. Most intense moment of my sexual life with this toy. Well worth the price. Very discrete and well packaged. Absolutely worth the price.


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Vital Statistics

Ride Waves of Pleasure Like Never Before
The first massager capable for surging within you for intense prostate stimulation

More Power for More Pleasure
Dual Motors to accurately target the prostate and perineum for more explosive climaxes

100% Waterproof and USB-Rechargeable for Adventurous Play
Perfect for exploring pleasure in the bath or shower and for easy cleaning

Certified Body-Safe

The highest standard of safety and construction

Fully Rechargeable

More power, less fuss

100% Waterproof

Perfect for the bath or shower

10 Pleasure Settings

From a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse

Serving Suggestion

Get Started

Set the mood. Touch, kiss, stroke, laugh, begin to explore each other’s bodies.

Get Closer

Let the sensations begin to engulf you. Let the excitement build slowly, teasingly.

Get There Together

Allow your passion and the sensations to overwhelm you, then enjoy the afterglow.


There is a sexy, sensual ritual to opening a LELO box: it’s a celebration of pleasure, the ultimate expression of indulgence and excitement. Share it wisely, often, and with care.

  •     LOKI Wave™
  •     ​USB-Charging Cord
  •     Satin Storage Pouch
  •     Warranty Registration Card
  •     Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Materials: Body-safe silicone / ABS
  • Size: 91 x 196 x 43mm / 3.6 x 7.7 x 1.7 in
  • Diameter: 37.5mm / 1.47 in
  • Insertable Length: 90mm / 3.54 in.
  • Weight: 198g / 7oz.
  • Battery: Li-Ion 850mA 3.7V.
  • Charging: 2h at 5.0V
  • User Time: 2h
  • Standby: 90 days
  • Max. Noise Level: <50dB
  • Interface: 5-Button

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