This is why I'm Proud

Join LELO's virtual Pride parade 2020

It's hard to come together when you're six feet apart. This year, we all need a big reminder of the real power of the community. To help you stay connected, we're creating a safe online space to celebrate love! We're bringing you the short timeline of Pride history and saluting Pride heroes that made it all possible. You can read more about them on our blog!

But most importantly, we want to celebrate YOU, the unsung heroes of decades of the fight for equal rights and visibility. Do you have a favorite photo from a Pride parade? A friend who nailed their Pride outfit? An awesome float design? If you could talk to your younger queer-self, what would you say? Share it with us using #ThisIsWhyImProud and #LELOVirtualPride, and let's all share it with the world!

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Supporting the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people all around the world.
Aims to empower individuals and to change and protect laws.
LGBT+ charity aiming to empower young people to be role models championing LGBT+ equality at school and work.
The mission is to act as a leading organisation and a global voice for the rights of those who face discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression and sex (intersex).
Support groups, counselling, helpline, email and pop-in service, befriending scheme, sexual health program, substance-misuse project, organizational training, and a range of guides and resources.
This trust uses the law to defend the human rights of LGBT people all around the world.

A Pleasure Project by LELO

May 28, 2020

Share Your Pride in the “Dear Younger Queer Self” Volonte Contest!

While LELO usually encourages people to #ComeTogether physically, this June we want to celebrate Pride by Coming Together as a community
May 21, 2020

What’s the Difference Between Pansexuality & Bisexuality?

Happy Pride month, LELO fans! As we sweep into another June beset by sparkles and rainbows, it’s time to get wise to some of the different members of the LGBTQ* community, whether you’re part of it yourself, or just a good ally!
May 25, 2020

Identity & Sexuality: A Closer Look at Cisgender

“What a cutie!” I commented when meeting my nephew for the first time. An adorable redhead who seemingly always smiled.

LELO's Virtual Pride 2020