stay sane

distract yourself

Getting back to work has a totally new meaning this year, and wellness has never been more important. This is why LELO prepared three product bundles that will make for very indulgent diversions from the daily grind. Take a breather, explore what you crave, and have some fun.

No Pain All Gain

relax your brains by training your bits

Train, relax, orgasm… and repeat. Our sexual wellness trio, LELO Beads™ Plus, LELO Smart Wand™ 2, and LELO Sona™ 2 are here to teach you how to drown out all the unnecessary noise and focus on your body and your mind.

Couple Play

clear your head and defuse the noise

Taking the control(er) into your own hands gives you countless opportunities. If you’re lucky that you’re staying home with your SO, try this bundle that consists of Tiani™ 3, Tor™ 2, LELO HEX™ 36 pack, and a Personal Moisturizer.

Shadow Player

escape reality with technology

Need something techy for solo play or as an agent for long-distance relationships? OR -  you're ready to go and you just need to secure some very important accessories for when you finally meet? LELO F1s™, HEX™ 36 pack, and Personal Moisturizer are locked and loaded!