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If you’re ready for a healthier, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to disposable products, you’re in the right place. Our menstrual cups are made from 100% medical grade silicone which makes them reusable, body-safe, ultra-smooth and hygienic. Only the best for your body and the environment, indeed!

Kegel Smart 2


KegelSmart™ 2

Femtech gadget that improves your pelvic floor strength

We are on a mission

We are on a mission

Caring for a woman's most intimate needs

Intimina is a Swedish brand that offers the first and only range of products dedicated exclusively to all aspects of women’s intimate health. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive collection of products and information for women at every stage of life, from the first menstruation to beyond menopause.

INTIMINA | Why I switched

Ziggy Cup™ 2


Save money

Save up to 75% of your menstrual care expenses.


Save Mother Earth

One cup does the job of 1700 tampons.


Stay healthy

No dryness. No odour. More confidence. More comfort.