ENIGMA review

LELO ENIGMA Dual Stimulation Massager Review

ENIGMA is a massager for those looking for simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation. It titillates both the visible and not visible parts of the clitoris through sonic waves, while using vibrations on the “bulb” that’s inserted vaginally. Check out if it’s fluttered all the right places for the professional sex toy reviewers below!

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“It got to work instantly, and when I say it got to WORK, I mean that I had to consciously STOP myself from reaching orgasm too soon. That happened when I tested their Sila, and honestly, I dunno how much of a review that was for you guys, as it lasted less than a minute -a testament to LELO’s products. 

For the sake of this review, I made a mental note of what I was feeling, as opposed to being swept away by the cascading sonic waves (wordplay!). The clit vibrator, fashioned from the Sona took centre stage, whilst the deep, rumbly, g-spot vibrator inspired by the Soraya played harmoniously in the background. I didn’t expect them to behave so differently. Normally when you have a dual action clit and g-spot vibrator, the internal part is just as aggressive as the external one. The LELO Enigma wasn’t, and to tell you the truth, it absolutely did not need to be.”

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Lelo Enigma – Test & Review

“Well, Lelo didn’t lie when they said it’s a POWERFUL massager! The pulsations felt very intense from the start, and as a person who loves powerful and super rumbly vibrations on my clit, I was left very confused. I thought that perhaps I was too basic for such a technologically advanced sex toy, but I am very glad I gave Enigma another shot because I absolutely fell in love with it after another round!

 didn’t instantly try to position the suction head right on my clit, but I moved it around to stimulate the larger area. Then I placed the head on the right spot for a few seconds and changed it again to give myself time to get used to pulsations. Once I felt ready and went all in, it was all worth it! I never came this hard, this quickly! The stimulation was very deep and so powerful, even in the lower settings.”

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Lelo Enigma Review | One toy, Double Pleasure

This toy is pretty powerful! It really can wake your nerve cells up within seconds and transport you to the orgasm world!

I must say I am not much of a power person and the G-spot-end’ of Lelo Enigma is quite enjoyable as an external foreplay toy. I feel I am in control of how intense the toy performs – for less intense play, all I have to do is position it slightly far away from the clitoris. When I am ready I can move to powerful clit stimulation.”

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One Toy, Dual Pleasure: Lelo Enigma Review

“The G-spot massager delivers most of the vibrations while the clit arm gives you some unforgettable suction sensations. And that’s one of my favorite things about the Enigma. The clit arm uses LELO’s patented SenSonic technology. It generates ultrasonic waves rather than vibrations to provide one of the most unique types of stimulation I’ve ever felt. Seriously, it fits somewhere between the best head you’ll ever get and the most intense clitoral vibrations and it all happens at the same time!“”

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Lelo ENIGMA Wave — Test & Review

“t really did fit perfectly inside me! The next step was to turn on the vibrations, and what happened next was a spectacle I have never experienced before. The suction and pulsation hit my clitoris so hard, my whole body began to shake and I immediately tried to free myself to collect myself again.

With the Enigma Wave, I found my personal way to a long lasting and powerful orgasm, and now you can enjoy a powerful sonic wave stimulation on the clitoris while the insertable tail moves inside you for an all-encompassing G-spot massage.”

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LELO ENIGMA Review: A Good Dual Massager?

The sonic waves use air pressure to create vibration, which isn’t something I’ve ever tried on a vibrator before. That, paired with the super-strong vibration, really does create an orgasm that’s really intense. You might think it’s funny when Lelo says the Enigma will make you “think you’ve left this planet,” but the varied sensations make for the kind of climax every woman dreams of. The touchless clit stimulation combined with a vibrating insertion hitting the G-Spot results is honestly the sensation I (and probably every other woman) am after.

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Enigma by LELO

“As a person who needs clitoral stimulation to orgasm, the Enigma so far has completely shaken up my way of masturbating. The sonic pulses create a sensation like no other, but they don’t overwhelm my body and I can therefore fully absorb the pleasure from the internal stimulation. Enter: richer, more luxurious orgasms. It has made me feel connected to my body in a way I can’t really explain, and I am so excited to keep using this toy and see what other pleasures can be discovered.”

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LELO Enigma Is A Versatile New Sex Toy That Offers The Best of Both Worlds

“If you haven’t yet fallen in love with the suction-y, sonic sensations of this kind of clitoral stimulator and want to give it a try, a toy that also offers some high-quality penetrative action is a good way to test it out. And If you’re someone who likes the experience of a good rabbit but aren’t a fan of rumbly or buzzy action directly on the clit (which can, admittedly, get to be too much you’re going for round two or three), Enigma might be the new toy for you.”

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LELO ENIGMA Review: A Good Dual Massager?

“In my experience, the Lelo Enigma presents intense orgasms with minimal effort because of its dual stimulation. I really liked the pulsating, which the Enigma boasts about as hitting the G-Spot with each stroke, but the clitoris stimulation is really what turned things up a notch for me.  

The dual massager mechanism also sets this toy apart from the rest, as the G-Spot vibration also helps women who can only orgasm through penetration (or those like me who can really climax with either but want the dual sensations).”

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