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The Dark in Us Pt1. – Erotic Story

The Dark in Us

If we were to get caught doing this it would be the end of us. This “thing” we do would soon be replaced by explanations on my end. …

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The Lady in Red – An Erotic Story of Sensory Deprivation

In the following short erotic story, two people are drawn together by their passion for art and other pleasures of the senses. Read on… Regina could hear the …

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Tim & Katy’s First Time Pegging – Erotic Fiction

The following erotic story involves a couple with a shared birthday celebrating with a brand new sensation. Read on… Tim and Katy shared the same birthday. For the …

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The Story Begins ― An Erotic Story

The following short erotic fiction follows a woman seduced by a masked stranger at a party. Read on… The part that was the strangest to her was that …

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‘Night Owl’ Erotic Extract

What follows is a sexy extract from the popular Night Owl trilogy, from M. Pierce. You can buy the book here, and you can read an exclusive interview …

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Getting Away With It – An Erotic Story

The following short erotic story sees a couple explore orgasms in pubic while in the middle of a restaurant with the use of a remote-control toy. Read on… …

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