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Make Love Better with 4 Valentine’s Day Sex Positions

You chose the perfect gift, cooked a dinner based exclusively on aphrodisiac foods, sprinkled the bed of rose petals…what could you still be missing for a perfect night of passion?

Why, the 4 perfect positions for Valentine’s Day, of course!

If It’s All About Romance

Romance is not for everyone – some people break out in hives from declarations of love and grind their teeth during sappy love – but Valentine’s is about showing your partner the kind of affection they desire, so if your partner is a big romantic, this position will have you both on board. Much like normal missionary, the thrusting partner is on top, but they should ‘align’ with your body by bringing their shoulders to your height and their pubic bone to your clitoris.

Then, rather than thrusting in and own, make slow, sensual circles.

This coital alignment is a position, or rather, a technique, which exponentially increases your chances of achieving orgasm during penetration, which sounds pretty damn romantic to us.


If You Like It Kinkier

Maybe the relationship is young and you both rip each other’s clothes off every chance you get. Or maybe you just both like sex that’s a little rough, where your partner takes control and you abandon yourself to their will.

The Split V is a position that allows a very deep penetration (ideal if he’s on the smaller side, but perhaps not so much if larger) which allows you to enjoy the complete attention of his hands.

If submission, bondage, and role-playing games are your faves, this is an ideal position for tying legs to ankles; and that, of course, it is also perfect for anal sex .


For Treating Her

Is she the queen of your dreams and you want to demonstrate your devotion? Have your partner wear a vibrating bullet, and hold their hips up in a bridge position. Then dedicate yourself to her pleasure with your hands, mouth, clitoral toy… ideally all 3!


For Treating Him

Oral pleasure is a dish best shared, and this position is much as delicious as it is dynamic. Either partner can control the pace – though you may need to restrain him if he’s one to lose control when excited!

Using a cock ring turned upside down is the perfect way to lend extra external stimulation to the receiving partner