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Evelin in Administration, Part 2 – An Erotic Story

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Shawn waited until the end of the day before he visited the Administration Office and its new director, Evelin Webber.

A few minutes after 6, he knocked on an open door with an Administration Office placard on it.

“Hello, Evelin. Are you here?” he called.

No one answered. There was only his echo. He knocked once more a little harder.

“Hello, anyone?”

Still hearing nothing, he was disappointed. He looked at the drawstring bag he held that had a little lump of fun inside.

“Went home early, I guess. A gift to herself. An evening out,” he said under his breath, thinking aloud.

But a stern and direct voice came from another office.

“No, I haven’t. I am still here.”

Shawn looked toward the voice, surprised.

“Evelin, hi! Where are you?”

She didn’t appear. “I told you that you don’t understand what goes on in the Admin Office, didn’t I?”

Finally, the woman entered through the office’s doorway. She wore a pair tight slacks and a white chiffon blouse with a dressy bowtie dangling over her chest to her waist.

She was as round and lovely as she had been the last time he had seen her, as well as in his fantasies.

She strutted across the wide front office, with a womanly swish. Her chin was raised as if arrogant or simply overly busy and attending to work.

Shawn raised his hand as if he might stop her.

“I came to congratulate you on your promotion. It’s well deserved.”

But she walked across the room to a messy desk against the wall, ignoring his well wishes. She gathered a few manila folders and then disappeared, out of sight, into her office.

He was confused by her disregard.

“Are you busy?” His voice was timid. “I, uh, wanted to drop off a gift. It’s yours. You left it at my place.”

There was no response.

“You might want it back. At least, I thought you would.”

Evelin was out of sight and still silent.

Shawn simply set the small, purple drawstring bag on the front desk of the Admin Office. There was a tiny thunk as the gift settled. The sound matched how he felt.

“So I wanted to return it,” he said. 

After that, he thought it best to leave.

He stepped toward the door. But, over his shoulder, he said, “I left it on the desk. You may not want to leave it out, so no one finds it.”

He gave a single mhmm, as if conveying what he didn’t want to say aloud.

Still hearing nothing he said goodbye to her as well as to her and him together.

“Well, I’ll talk to you some other time, maybe,” he said.

“Okay, yep,” Evelin called from her office.

The woman had completely confused him. She had been so outgoing and free in front of him just a few days ago. Now she wasn’t showing her face. He hoped she wasn’t embarrassed of them and what they did. He didn’t think she should be.

After a momentary, silent pause, he decided to believe she wasn’t embarrassed or upset at herself. No, instead, he believed it was that she had a lot more assignments and paperwork now, that she was rearranging how her Admin Office would operate under her command, that she was moving to a different office. Yet, a bad thought crossed his mind: She was not interested in him after their one-night romp.

Shawn let the main office door close behind him with a single, solitary click.

He walked to the elevator and pressed the round button to go to his office.

Waiting at the stainless-steel doors, he was disappointed that she had brushed him off so quickly, so ruthlessly, after what they had done together. Coming here today, he honestly expected a thank-you and, maybe, a hug. He really hoped for more. He wanted a twinkle in her eye or a residing devilishness. He would have loved for her to have grabbed him and thrown him to the floor and crushed him. She had the strength.

Despite an attempt to believe otherwise, he feared she hated how they had behaved that night. She had exposed herself to him on multiple levels. She had been a beast and a beauty, a vixen and a virgin. She could suck a dick amazingly. He loved her fat pussy.

It was a night that exploded suddenly and couldn’t be contained until the next morning’s reality set in. They were also colleagues, and she was now a director of an entire office.

The elevator pinged, and the doors spread.

“Bye …” He gave a depressed wave. “… Evelin.”

The upward rush of the elevator caught in his stomach.

Shawn scolded his thinking.

“Get a grip, man. What is going on with me? It’s only Evelin. What did you expect?”

He didn’t answer because, he didn’t talk to himself, but, more so, he already knew what he had wanted. Now, he wasn’t going to get it and he had to brush off Evelin as a one-time woman, although he would still see her here and there during the workweek and various meetings.

Nevertheless, he smiled. She may have been a one-time woman, but she was one who had slammed him down in the greatest way. She played masterfully and commanded the whole night as numerous personalities—ruthless and then guileless. She had played a sheriff’s deputy and a young girl.

His open floor of chest-high cubical walls was empty, except for a couple of desk lamps and the crown of a few heads on the far side.

He plopped into his desk chair and spun slowly, the toes of his dress shoes dragging on the floor, staring at the ceiling tiles.

“Not fired, were you, Shawn?”

Shawn sat up. It was his coworker.

“No, Greg.”

“Something bad happen? Or is work driving you to drink?”

“You might say that. But I’m fine, all good.”

Greg flung his jacket over his shoulder. “Harkenrider’s is where the best stuff happens after a bad day at work. See you here tomorrow.”

Greg left.

“You’re right about Harkenrider’s,” Shawn said softly. He gave a shrimpy grin. Evelin’s memory returned to him again. Their whole night began there with a choke.

Instead of leaving the office for home or for Harkenrider’s, he decided to finish a couple of quick assignments, which would lessen his workload tomorrow.

When he looked again at the clock in the corner of the computer screen, it was already 8:45.

“Damn, what are you still doing here?” he scolded.

He shut down the computer and clicked off his lamp.

As he pressed the down button at the elevator, Evelin still lingered on his mind.

What if he went down and took control of her and had hard sex with her in her office? In acting so coldly earlier, she may have been playing the same game as she had that night with him in the bar, in the car, on his couch, in his bed.

He decided that a takeover was too risky—way too risky.

The elevator doors slid open. He pressed the button for the parking garage. And the doors slid closed. He listened to the whoosh-controlled drop.

He leaned against the gray wall and wondered whether she had remembered to grab the purple bag that he had left on the desk. If she hadn’t, someone would be shocked in the morning.

“What is this doing here! This is a prank!” someone might yell, with an arm stretched out and only a thumb and forefinger holding the drawstrings.

Shawn pressed the button for the Admin Office on the long column of elevator buttons. He needed to get that bag, or check that it was gone. Evelin would really hate him then for leaving it. A bad way for her to start as director.

At the ping, he slid between the doors and then entered the Admin Office. On the front desk was the purple bag.

“Shit, she forgot it. Better be glad I came back down here.”

He nabbed the bag.


He straightened like a son found out by his mother. “Evelin?”

“I am still here.”

“I didn’t know. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t do something dumb by leaving this bag …”

The large woman stepped into the doorway and stopped.

She was in the tight black slacks and ankle-strap platform heels. The bowtie on her blouse was undone as were a few buttons. Her blouse was partially untucked, as she had been working hard all day.

Shawn immediately began to blather.

“I hope you don’t mind that I, uh, brought … Good job on the … I hope you’re not mad. I think we had … I don’t want to ruin—”

“Shut up,” she said flatly with deadpan eyes. “You always do talk too much.”


“And apologize even more.”

“I, uh—” Shawn stopped talking.

She disappeared from the doorway. Gone. The lights went out in her office. The room was dark.

Shawn was confused. This woman would never explain her decisions and actions.

He remained standing there, wondering what Evelin was doing and what he should do.

Then lights of blue and red and green began to twirl in the office. There came a deep beat of music.


The call startled him from his confusion.

“Get your ass in here. What do I have to do to get you to do something?”

He stepped into the office to find a small disco ball on a desk. It was flinging and spinning all the colors on the walls, ceiling and the floor. It also cast red and blue and green and a deep yellow onto Evelin.

Her slacks were unbuttoned and opened, like a pair of flower petals, exposing her panties. Her blouse was now fully untucked. A single button in the center kept the shirt together—barely.

She swayed to the music, hips swinging and head shifting to what she heard. Her eyes were closed, and her hands were combing through her long blond hair.

He choked. The same choke he felt when she strangled him at Harkenrider’s.

Evelin turned away from him and bent at the waist. She grabbed the edge of her desk. She thrust her ass from side to side, like she had pushed closed a file cabinet door with a hip. Then, in beat with the music, she began to shake her ass wildly. Her slacks tightened against her. With a little help from her hand, the thin material shifted over her butt, exposing the tiny panties that were lodged in her ass. The slacks continued to slide down and finally they fell, as if dying.

Her ass was wide and fair. Her dancing made the hefty amount of flesh jiggle and flop and boomerang. She kept moving lower until she was nearly touching the floor.

Shawn was bamboozled.

Evelin stood upright and stepped out of her slacks in the most sexy manner. She walked to a coat rack and dragged it to the center of the room. And it became either a thin man or she became a pole dancer.

She flung her hair over her shoulder to look at Shawn. She winked and backed her ass against the pole and rubbed against it. It fit her just right.

As she danced and grinded on the pole, she undid the last button on her blouse. Her thick bra that cupped her large breasts appeared.

Shawn undid his pants and moved toward her, across the room. He grooved to the beat and replaced the coat rack.

“Yeah, Shawn. You want this.” She tossed her blouse onto her office chair.

“I may want this.” He grabbed her hair. “But you need this,” he countered.

“Yes, I do. I really do.” Her voice cracked in her response.

And the intensity between them escalated exponentially. Their body temperatures heated up. The beat of the music thudded deeper in their chests. The colors twisted in their minds.

Eveline turned to him, pushing her fleshy body against his. She made sure he felt her and he made her feel him.

Her hands slid down his chest and then disappeared into his jockeys.

He exhaled at feeling her grip on his cock. He reached around her and unhooked her bra. He heard her sigh at the release of her heavy tits.

She stepped back and slid the straps off her shoulders. Shawn lifted the pair to her greater relief and her ability to tango with him. Before she could do much though, he kicked the chair aside. He pushed her back to her desk. She banged against the desk. The computer monitor toppled over, and papers whooshed everywhere as if there had been an explosion. She didn’t care. He didn’t notice.

His mouth found her hard, pink nipples, and he sucked passionately and nibbled. She stroked his hair, moaning encouragements.

Soon, she pulled his head to hers and they kissed, pressing into each other in greater fury.

His hands grabbed the band of her small panties. He turned her away from him and tugged them from between her ass cheeks—much of the tiny fabric having not been seen during this romp.

The pair of underwear rolled down her thighs to drop on the floor.

“Get ready for a—” he began.

“Then stop talking. Don’t wait!” she growled through her clenched jaw.

She let her chest rest on the desktop, and she spread her ass. She again was fully exposed to Shawn, like that one night.

He thrust his dick into her pink pussy.

“Goddamn!” she shouted as she felt his first deep thrust.

And he fucked her. The desk shook. The keyboard crashed to the floor. Evelin grabbed anything to hold onto for dear life. Pens clacked onto the plastic carpet protector. A coffee cup clattered into pieces on the floor.

“Oh, god,” Evelin grunted as Shawn continued to ram her sweet pussy until orgasm. “So… so good.”

Shawn neared his end. His grunts became harsher and his chest tightened. The tendons in his neck strained. Heat escaped from the crown of his head.

She suddenly pushed him away, spun and dropped to her knees.

A moment later, he shot cum into her mouth. She let much of it slide out of her mouth and down her chin. He stroked out the last drops onto her bare chest.

She slumped to the side, and he found the chair. The two were spent, exhausted, thrilled. They were silent.

“Thanks for christening my new office. There was nothing better,” she said.

Eventually, she used the desk to stand. She found some facial wipes to clean up.

He gave up the chair to her.

“Sorry for messing up—” he started.

“Quit apologizing. I needed a new monitor and the cup was chipped.”

The two laughed together. 

It was much later before they had straightened up the place.

About to leave, Shawn stopped.

“Do you have the gift I brought—the thing in the bag?” he asked.

“In the bag?”


“You keep it,” she said, “so you’ll have a reason to come down here to give it to me.”