evelin in administration erotic story

Evelin in Administration – An Erotic Story

Shawn’s computer dinged that morning. A new email appeared in his inbox at 8:17. It was a message to All_Employees.

Good morning!

 I wanted to share some great news. Evelin Webber has been named the new Director of the Administration Division. I am thrilled to see her recognized in our organization. Evelin is one of a kind. She is eager, outgoing, and takes her job seriously.

 Congrats to Evelin!

 Reading the news, Shawn leaned back at his desk and smiled. He didn’t smile necessarily because of Evelin’s new position. She was truly the right person to lead the Administration Division. Indeed, Shawn had a lot more to smile about. He had learned she was one of a kind. Of a kind that no one else in the company knew.

He loved the position he had her in that night. And, as much, the position she had him in.

Shawn reminisced about the Evelin of the Night.

He told her he was breaking out of the office—on time for once. He even encouraged her to join him, but she said she had too much to do in the office. Telling her, he had given up his hideaway directly to a bounty hunter. She hunted him down at Harkenrider’s bar. 

Sitting in his ergonomic desk chair, Shawn cupped his hands behind his head. The night rushed back to him in full color.

Evelin just happened to have a pair of handcuffs at the ready that night. And she gave a bad-ass blowjob. In fact, it was the best he’d ever had. The image of her letting cum drool out of her mouth gassed him up even now. It had shocked him that night, like most of what she had done—roleplaying and everything. She conveyed so much through her eyes alone. Their semblance could switch instantly from an innocent doe to a femme fatale. He had to struggle to get the upper hand. She was slippery to get a hold of—in multiple ways.

After giving that blowjob, she shifted into the dangerous woman, so he slapped her cheeks with his thickened dick. The slimy goo and saliva that already had drooled onto her chin splattered onto her business jacket and on the car door.

“How was that?” Shawn asked.

Evelin grinned. A smooth yet dirty smile on the verge of a snarl. “I loved it.” Then her brown eyes narrowed. “But you—”

He slapped her face again with his now-deflating dick. “What did you say?”

She gave the grin of a starving beast. “I haven’t let you finish. You’re not in charge.”

“Not in charge? I’m standing here. You’re sitting there in handcuffs!” He hit the car’s roof for emphasis.

“Yeah, well, I got the sheriff’s deputies on your tail. They’ll be here in seconds. Been tracking me to get to you,” she said.

“Bitch, you don’t have deputies coming. But—” He grabbed her face, squeezing her cheeks so her lips puffed out like a fish. “I’d wager that the sheriff and all his deputies would cum because of you.”

Shawn’s penis was too deflated to whack her face like he had done. So he dragged the tip of his dick over the bridge of her nose. His balls dangled in front of her nostrils, leaving a rough scent.

“You been making all those men cum, have you, baby?” Shawn prodded.

Then she leaned forward tauntingly, staring up at him. “Yeah, every … single … one of them. Even the little lady in the posse.”

Again her comment stopped him. He was rooted to the ground. It was the briefest moment, but, in that circumstance, he suddenly felt like Evelin had control over everything. Over him.

How did she think of all this stuff so quickly? he thought.

Shawn tried to get a hold of the situation again. He shoved her backward into the car. She was laid on her side. He lifted her feet and pushed her fully in.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

“Whatever it is, I’m not done with you.” And he slammed the door closed.

As he pulled the car out of the parking lot, she wiggled herself into an upright position. She leaned between the two front seats.

“What are you going to do to me?” she demanded once more.

He slammed the gas petal. Evelin fell back and toppled over because of the acceleration. Shawn then stopped hard at the red light, making her roll forward.

Shawn looked in his rearview mirror. “I don’t trust you—someone closely connected to the sheriff. You’ve got a wire hidden on you,” he said.

“I don’t have a wire. Why would I have one?”

“Probably got some trigger word to get the cops to you.”

“If I had a wire, they’d all be listening. Do you think the sheriff liked hearing me suck your dick?”

Shawn paused, his mind sputtering because of her words. He regained himself.

“No wire! I knew you didn’t have any deputies on the way. You just talk like you know something.”

“Boy, I have other ways to get deputies to come to me. You wouldn’t understand.”

“Think I’m too stupid?”

“I didn’t say it. But do you hear me disagreeing?”

“You better watch what comes out of your mouth before more goes in.”

“My mouth is closed.” She sat back and raised her chin, like a mad little girl.

However, glancing in the rearview mirror, Shawn saw a mean, tough woman. Her hair was a mess, frizzy and falling. A lot of her face was covered with spit and drying cum. Her business jacket was hanging off her shoulders, her blouse was pulled to the side. One bra strap was visible. A lovely strap to a wired undergarment holding two large pieces of flesh he couldn’t wait to tease.

When arriving at his house, he opened the rear car door. His warning was clear. “Get ready to be strip searched.”

“Strip searched. Got a warrant to search me?”

Shawn ignored her. He only lugged her from the car.

She yanked her arm from Shawn’s tight grip.

“You haven’t read me my rights—my Miranda rights.”

Shawn tugged her roughly. “Miranda rights, hmm. What, to remain silent, a lawyer, no answering questions? Listen, there’s no Miranda here.”

He led her into his house and pushed her to his worn, leather couch. He pointed at her.

“Even if I gave you some rights, I have reasonable suspicion that you’re wired. There is no stopping me.”

She gave a piercing glare at the man standing high above her.

“I bet no Miranda—or any other women—has been here in a long time. You need to get some pussy.”

“There’ve been plenty here. And none of them had rights.”

She shook her head. “I’m not one of ‘them.’”

Shawn walked between her legs and slowly spread them apart. The fabric of her skirt screeched because of the stretch. “All your talk of rights is ludicrous. But, bitch, when you come with me, you lose all of them.”

She snapped back.

“I don’t think I’ve lost any rights. In fact, no rights of mine have been lost, because I haven’t come with you, punk. If coming with you is the reason for having rights taken away, I don’t think I will ever lose my rights.” She nodded defiantly. Then, she leaned forward. “Unless you want to make me cum.”

He crossed his arms and glared down at the lusty woman on his couch. For real, this was the first time in a while that a woman had been sitting on his couch. Evelin knew so much without getting any information.

Without a word, he knelt and reached to the waist of her skirt.

She gasped in surprise. “You expect something from me?” she asked.

“No.” He maneuvered her skirt over her hefty hips and thick, wobbly thighs. Shawn was nearly drooling. She had the perfect body for real men.

At this point, his games of rights and law enforcement and teasing and banter had fallen away. It was all replaced by lust. Evelin had said something. He only heard the sound as if from a faraway echo, or something unintelligible. And when sex kicked in, to him, many, many things became unintelligible.

He tossed the skirt, which landed on the arm of the recliner across the room. Next he worked down her panties. They were full-size beige briefs. Not typical for sexiness but for functionality in the business office.

He wondered if she carried more than the handcuffs with her. He found she hadn’t put on a sexy pair of underwear when she woke up that morning or when she left the office to chase him to Harkenrider’s. Maybe handcuffs were all she had time to grab from her desk.

Most importantly though, her panties came off as smoothly as anything sexy. With her legs free, she immediately spread them and urged him simply. “Give me something.”

She had a perfect triangle between her thick thighs and her soft belly. A trimmed bush of golden hair emphasized the triangle. The pussy of the woman that he had wanted for so long was before him, like a treasure of great worth.

On her own accord, she scooted to the edge of the couch and further spread herself.

Shawn gasped.

There was a rainbow crystal plug. The light hit it for an instant to make a sparkle.

“Evelin!” Her name escaped through his dumbfounded lips. “You are always full of surprises.”

She laughed. “Weren’t expecting it?”

“I never know what to expect.”

“Well, get over it,” she ordered him. “Put your face in this pussy. Let her feel your tongue. She’s wet and doesn’t want to wait.”

Shawn did as told. He buried his face in her mound.

Evelin complimented his work with deep groans and sudden jerks of pleasure. Once, she wrapped her big legs around his head. Her lock closed off his ear canals, so he could hear the internal tha-thump pulse in his head, which was speeding up.

Eating her out was steaming hot on multiple levels. He had to rise up to get air and let his reddened face cool. She didn’t like that pause. She grabbed his hair and told him, “Don’t stop. Don’t. You got work to do.”

Again, he pushed his tongue far into her, even letting his nose press against the soft flesh and her clitoris. His face was getting as messy as hers already was.

Soon she was encouraging him.

“You’re doing it. Yes, yes. I can tell you’re loving this pussy, the way your mouth is working.”

She rocked slightly to match his movements.

He was suddenly astounded when what next came from her mouth in her fervor.

“It’s been so long since a man has eaten me out, put his mouth over my pussy. I’ve needed this. I love getting my pussy eaten.”

He began to delve deeper, to slurp on her harder.

Evelin heaved in short breaths and finished by shouting gloriously, “Yes! Fuck yeah! Oh god, this is … you are so good.”

She continued to urge him, talking steadily faster as her body reveled in its bursts of bliss. “Keep working it Shawn baby Shawn don’t let me down take me there please yes Shawn for me for seeing this pussy I know you’ve wanted to see me to fuck me Shawn yes Shawn I’ll do it to you again anything if you do me please keep going I need this.”

Her body lurched and shuddered. She struggled to take in air. The legs that had clamped his head now were limp and askew. Her nostrils expanded as her body silently wrestled through the overwhelming frenzy of ecstasy.

Shawn rested too after his workout. It was as tough as any workout he’d been through. He sat on the coffee table in front of the couch. His face was red and sweaty.  Body heat escaped through the crown of his head.

Evelin mumbled quietly, as if in sleep. “It’s been months and months since this … feels so …” The unfinished sentence said it all in full.

“Months?” Shawn believed he had only thought the word in his head, but he realized he had said it when Evelin answered.

“Months,” she said, languidly. “And I can’t let it be that long again. Toys can’t do what a man can with his mouth. Men just take over and leave me be. I love it.”

“So I assume a dildo doesn’t match a real dick.”

She opened her eyes, her face brightening. “Dildos are hard to replace. Anyone got a dick to make a comparison?”

Shawn heaved her from the couch and led her to his bedroom. She gladly fell on the squeaky mattress. Her feet dangled almost to the floor.

He grabbed her knees, but she stopped him.

“You never found the wire that you said was on me. Think you know where it is?”

He let go of her knees. “I know exactly where it is.”

The pair worked off her messy blouse, and suddenly there were her large breasts coddled in the underwire bra.

“You’ve found me out,” she said, taking on the innocent fawn persona. She put her hands on her head to let her breasts be the center of attention for a moment.

Then, moving slowly, she worked each bra strap individually over her round shoulders, while staring up at Shawn. “Don’t hurt me for lying. Please?”

She reached back to unclasp the bra. “You won’t hurt me, will you?”

Before he could answer, the undergarment fell to her lap. The two globes hung limply against her. Large areolas the color of champagne and obvious nipples. They were just what he had imagined and wanted.

She tossed the bra across the bed and fell back. Her tits bounced and wobbled circularly. “Do what you think is best for how I have lied and led you on. Remember, Shawn, I am—”

Shawn climbed over her. “—my hostage.”

He sucked her tits wildly.

“Yes!” Evelin stroked his dark hair. “You are my kidnapper, my captor, you won’t let me go.”

Soon her hands ran down Shawn’s back, scratching along the way. She grabbed his butt and squeezed the meaty flesh. She moved up his torso and then dragged her nails over his shoulders and his forearms. She took one of his hands and shifted it to her belly. Then sensuously she urged his hand lower and lower until the fingers had touched her bush.

Shawn gave up the breasts.

“You are going to feel the real thing,” he said.

“I’m tired of toys. I want guys.”

She resettled herself in the middle of Shawn’s wide bed. She slipped out the butt plug and tossed it.

He entered her slippery pussy smoothly. Evelin sat up and groaned when his full length rammed inside of her.

The initial groan and her other grunts calmed when she found his rhythm. In no time, the bedframe was eeking, and the mattress springs, pinging.

He fell out of rhythm for a moment when there was a heavy thump on the floor. But Evelin in bed was too much for him to be concerned about an odd sound, whether it was a fallen lamp or a bedside clock. In fact, Evelin wrapped her python legs around his hips to regain his attention on her fuck.

“Give it to me hard. Don’t let a dildo beat you or I won’t be back. Toys’ll be my only—” 

 He quickened his pace to shut her up. Her face became frantic and she grunted again.

His body began its rise to its crest. Evelin knew it too. “Don’t stop. Give it to me. As much as you have left.” Her hands combed over his body.

“Come on, Shawn, baby, yes. Give it to me. I want your cum. You want me to have it. You’re making me feel so good. I love it! I need your dick, your cock!”

She screamed, “Please!” He shot his cum into her and remained in her for a moment, suspended in time and space. Then he collapsed next to her.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. Once regaining his senses, he led her to the shower. They lathered up each other. He massaged under her tits and in her butt. She rubbed the body wash over his chest and under his scrotum, giving him what she described as an “after-dinner treat.”

They were ready to collapse in bed until morning but remembered Evelin’s car and the next day’s work. Evelin had nothing clean to wear or re-wear.

After a little kiss at Harkenrider’s Bar, they each drove away.

The next morning, Shawn found what had made the thud on the floor the night before. He held up her sparkling studded plug. He laughed. A day ago, he would never have imagined what had happened, never imagined that Evelin would have one, or, even more, to be holding it in his bedroom.

Rereading the new All_Employees email, he decided to visit the Admin office tomorrow to give a gift and return a toy.