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Hello, and welcome to Volonte.

Volonte is LELO‘s news and advice blog, and with numerous contributors from across the world, and versions in multiple languages, Volonte has become the sex toy industry’s premier location for sexy tips, real advice, and behind-the-scenes LELO goodness since 2011. We also work with a group of human sexuality doctors in order to give you the most accurate information about masturbation and sex that’s research-based.

Volonte, French for ‘willpower’, was the name of our brand before we settled on the more inter-lingual name, LELO. So it’s safe to say that Volonte is fundamental to what we do. We have a bank of free erotic stories, product information, company news and, most importantly, daily updated sex hacks, hints and tips.

All the contributors are long-time LELO veterans and sex experts, eager and willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you. Volonte enjoys many hundreds of thousands of hits every day, and we’re always looking for worthy new partners. So if you know your way around a bedroom and can operate a computer keyboard, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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