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Self Love Days Report: Bringing the Uk’s Economy to Climax

LELO Self Love Days

Did you know that orgasms could be part of a ‘happiness boost’ for the British economy that could add up to £90 billion to GDP? At LELO UK …

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What Is Singles’ Day & Why Do We Celebrate It with a Sale?

What is Singles Day

Welcome to one of your new favorite holidays—and the perfect antidote to the early winter blues: Singles’ Day! What is Singles’ Day? Started in the early 90s, Singles’ …

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Heat up the Night with a Hot Sale on ALIA, SORAYA & LIV 2

Product of the month November

Dropping temperatures getting you down? Well chin up ,buttercup! We have a solution that’s sure to make your evenings extra steamy – a sale on 3 of our …

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My First Time Using: GIGI 2

First time using GIGI

Please enjoy this anonymous and erotically-charged review of GIGI 2 G-spot massager from a member of Killing Kittens, an exclusive sensual party network! I have been a member …

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Is Casual Sex Good for You? Well, It Depends…

Casual Sex

With an entire world of possible hookups in the palm of our hands what with apps like Tinder and Grindr in our phones, casual sex is much more …

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Introducing F1s: Get into Pole Position with LELO’s New Male Pleasure Devices

F1s Developers Kit

Attendees of the Venus Berlin Erotic Trade Fair left tire tracks in their rush to get their hands on LELO’s brand new male sextech pleasure concepts, including previews …

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The Devil’s Triangle: The Woman Lost in the Wake of Trump and Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh Devils Triangle

A couple of days ago Trump said it was a difficult time for young guys in America and went on later to mock Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony. No. …

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Let’s Celebrate SONA – with a Sale!

Sona discount

It’s hard to believe it has been an entire year since  SONA & SONA Cruise revolutionized your orgasms! We’ve decided to celebrate the best way we know how …

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Sexploring the Great Outdoors

With summer heat behind us, we have just a few golden weeks when the weather isn’t crazy hot, but hasn’t yet pushed us to seek refuge in sweaters …

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Celebrate an Empty House with a September Sale!

Fall is here and while the start of the school year used to be a drag, grown up you has a reason to celebrate! Whether you’re back in …

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