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America’s Bedroom Choices: The Most-Searched Sex Positions

Interesting Discoveries:

  • All positions, except for the “Eiffel Tower position,” involve only two partners.
  • The missionary position is top-ranked across almost all US states.
  • Hawaii has the most overall interest in all these positions across all US states.

Intimate lifestyle product experts at LELO conducted a study to discover the most desired bedroom preferences in the US. By analyzing Google Trends data, the research highlights popular sex position trends that are most searched in all US states.

#1 Search: The Missionary Position

The missionary position is not only a classic but also a top-ranked position across almost all US states. Its popularity comes from its traditional style and the strong emotional bond it provides. This position is particularly popular in Georgia, Texas, and Hawaii.

#2 Search: The 69 Position

The 69 position takes the second spot with 144K searches. This position, which brings mutual pleasure, is favored by those who prefer a balance of giving and receiving pleasure. New York and Texas show particular interest in this position.

#3 Search: The Lotus Position

The lotus position is gaining interest as the third most popular, with 111K searches. Favored by those who enjoy deep penetration and close bodily contact, it is especially popular among South Dakotans and Alaskans.

#4 Search: The Eiffel Tower Position

The adventurous “Eiffel Tower position” comes in fourth place, being searched more than 38K times. With a unique three-person setup, it’s a favorite in Connecticut, Delaware, and Oregon, involving one partner on all fours, another in front, and a third behind.

#5 Search: The Spooning Position

The spoons position” is ranked fifth, with around 28K Americans searching for it online. This position is favored for its more relaxed approach, with both partners lying on their sides, one behind the other, resembling a pair of nested spoons. It has the highest level of interest in Hawaii and Nevada.

#6 Search: Women On Top Positions

Thewomen on topposition ranks sixth, with 26K searches in the last year. Favored for giving control to one partner and allowing adjustment of depth, it’s particularly popular in Utah and North Dakota.

#7 Search: The Pretzel Position

The playful “pretzel position” is the seventh on the list, gathering a total interest of 16K people. This position is popular among couples who enjoy unique and creative mixes in their private lives, and it is currently leading in Delaware and Utah.

#8 Search: The Butterfly Position

The “butterfly position” is closing the list, with over 11K searches. Particularly enjoyed by those who seek unique positions, it combines intimacy and creativity, being especially popular in Hawaii and Delaware.