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Think Outside the Bed: Sex Around the House

While the winter weather might be squandering your opportunity to explore sex outdoors, LELO is here to show you how a simple, yet creative change in perception can provide a much needed change in sexual scenery.

Keeping our winter sex advice in mind, here are some of LELO’s top sex tips for exploring sex outside of the bedroom, broken down by room.


Sex on the kitchen table? Been there, done that. Turning the entire cooking experience into a foreplay frenzy? Now we’re talking! Cook a meal together and escalate foreplay throughout the cooking process.

For instance, try to playfully and seductively distract one another while washing vegetables or mixing a sauce.

Just like cooking, steadily progress until meal time when you’ll discover that two main courses are better than one.


Next time you’re drying some clean clothes, prop yourself up on the dryer and invite your partner to come “help you with some wet clothes.” In addition to providing warmth to your bottom, the rumbling of the dryer will emit pleasurable vibrations.

A perfect set up for a surprise frisky quickie, the drying machine should warrant a perfect height for your man to stand and please you from.


When it comes to bathroom sex, there’s endless opportunity both inside the shower and beyond. Utilize your bathroom’s ambient S&M offerings to your advantage. With help from some light bondage gear, tie your partner’s wrists to the towel rack or shower curtain rod. Alternatively, fasten your partner’s spread legs to the bottom drawer handles of the sink. To set the mood for your bondage-inspired encounter, close the door and fill the room with thick steam.


Shed the R&R usually associated with sex for another: risk and rush. During sex, the adrenal glands release adrenaline, giving you a feeling of exhilaration.These same glands become active while trying to avoiding getting caught doing something mischievous. For the ultimate rush, open the front door, grip the door frame and have your partner enter you from behind, alternating glances from outside to your reflections in the glass door.


While not technically a room, your home’s stairs provide a kinky way to step up your sexual prowess. Using handcuffs or ties, have your partner fasten your hands and legs to the banister or staircase railing. Next have your partner place a remote control couples’ vibrator inside of you. Order your partner to sit across the room, playfully adjusting speeds and vibration patterns with the remote control. During long-distance foreplay, see who’s the first to beg for physical touch—you or your partner watching you submissively squirm.

In your winter quest for a change in sexual scenery, remember that a myriad of possibilities await once you start thinking outside of the bedroom.