lelo beads review

G Tries: LELO Beads (Review + Video)

This review was submitted by Georgina Forsyth-Read and is a non-sponsored post. The author does not receive commission off product purchases and these thoughts are entirely her own. 

G tries… 

Lelo Beads.

I remember my Mum once telling me a story about her friend who had an orgasm in the canned food aisle at Tesco because she’d decided to go out wearing her ‘Ben Wa Balls’. I couldn’t believe that this could happen whilst you were just walking around, minding your own business, without a vibration or any clitoral stimulation. 

When Lelo asked if I would review their beads, I was both excited and intrigued. What are they? Why do we use them? And can they really make you need to shout for a ‘clean up on aisle five?!’

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the science of it all, because I’m not an expert on the benefits of Ben Wa Balls or even how to use them. I’m just a guinea pig, trying out these products first so that you know what to expect! 

Here is a brief overview of what I understand the benefits of Ben Wa Balls to be and whether or not I myself experienced these benefits! 

Believe it or not, the main benefit to using Lelo’s beads is not to have an instant orgasm then and there. In fact if this happens, you’re a lucky lady, because it’s more of an investment than an instant gratification. The point is more to strengthen your kegel muscles which in turn ensures stronger orgasms. It’s like a work out for your vulva, as if the balls were tiny dumbbells for your pelvic floor to lift, they tone, tighten and strengthen. And as with any workout, sadly the results aren’t instant. 

These beads are essentially the next step up from the simple squeeze and hold that we all try to do at the traffic lights or during the break of our favourite show. I can confirm that I didn’t actually do any exercises whilst I had the beads in, I more just walked around and enjoyed the sensation of having weight in between my legs. The sensation of the balls inside the beads actually jiggling as I walked was both amusing and satisfying. After a bit more research, I know now that the benefits are heightened by actually engaging your kegel muscles whilst the beads are inserted. 

I started off with 30 minutes, which I thought would feel like a long time but it FLEW by. I didn’t do anything too strenuous, answered some emails, made a coffee and wiggled my bum around just for fun. The beads were far less uncomfortable than I expected them to be. Yes, I could feel them, but rather than the feeling of a dislodged tampon, it was an igniting pressure which felt exciting and actually turned me on, which I didn’t expect at all! I felt like I wanted to masturbate or have sex as soon as I took them out. Sadly I had a zoom meeting so there wasn’t time.

Another great benefit is that these beads can become a part of your daily routine. Perhaps you pop them in after your morning shower, or at the start of your lunch break, or just before you pick the kids up from school. They are discrete, and in my experience, not debilitating. I could go about my usual business with a secret in my pants that didn’t make me weak at the knees or incapable of having a conversation. 

The beads come with two different weight options, I’m still using the lighter option as I build the strength, but it’s such an advantage to have the choice. I’ve read that little and often is the key to using these balls, but like any sex toy, it’s about what works best for you. If you really enjoy the sensation then you may want to keep them in for longer, whereas if the exercises or the pressure gets too much within the first 10 minutes, don’t force yourself to keep them in.

They sit lower than a tampon, you can be guided by the length of the string as you want this to be visible, but they don’t feel like they are going to fall out, which was a fear of mine. Add lube when you insert the beads and make sure you’re relaxed and in a position that feels comfortable for you. 

I’ve really enjoyed using Lelo’s beads. It feels like I’m doing something positive for my future self, like I’m investing in my vulva, both for her pleasure and practicality. I have noticed a shift in my orgasms, I think it’s because the beads have forced me to feel into my pelvic floor, which, in turn, has drawn my attention to it whilst I’m reaching climax. 

Overall, I think if you’re looking to experiment with Ben Wa Balls, Lelo beads are a great product which offer a high quality, comfortable ball that gives the option of different weights, which is just a bonus!