g tries enigma review

G Tries: ENIGMA Dual Massager (Review + Video)

This week G tries LELO’s Enigma… 

LELO’s powerhouse dual action sonic massager, which seeks to help you explore the entirety of your clitoris, using an external mouth and an internal arm to help access two types of climaxes. Basically, it’s two for the price of one. 

A quick disclaimer, since recording this video, I have used ENIGMA a lot (like… A LOT) and we have really gotten to know each other. To the extent that after our latest rendezvous I found myself googling “does ejaculatory fluid stain carpets?”

In my experience, this toy is not a one-night stand, love at first sight, or instant addiction kind of toy. This toy requires real time, a love that grows as you get to know each other. Like when you realise you fancy a friend after a drunken kiss, that platonic love turns into an erotic love which is deep, layered and unbelievably satisfying. 

enigma packaging unboxed

Why is this? Well, ENIGMA isn’t your standard vibrator, and if you’re not used to inserting anything during self-pleasure, because you’ve mastered outer clitoral stimulation and can’t be bothered to explore the entirety of your G-spot, then this might be daunting. I was daunted! Or not daunted, but not convinced that this extra faff was entirely… necessary. Well, I was wrong. 

If this type of toy is alien to you, or you’re uncomfortable with penetration in general, then getting used to ENIGMA is going to take time. There’s no rush when it comes to ENIGMA. It’s in the name! It’s mysterious and it takes time to get acquainted. 

You might start by playing around with inserting only the tip, or not inserting the internal arm at all, rather just using the mouth over the clitoral glans (which is enough to provide a great orgasm in itself). But once you do start to introduce the dual action, which aims to stimulate the entirety of the clitoris and lighting up the G-spot for a more intense, powerful orgasm, you’re in for a real treat. 

For me, ENIGMA is the perfect size, not too big or rigid, but designed to curve with your body with a soft silicone which is easy to insert and provides just the right amount of pressure. At first, I was reluctant to surrender to the intensity of having both the external sonic waves and the internal pulsations.

It felt like such an excessive amount of stimulation to be experiencing alone in my bedroom at 9 p.m. on a Tuesday. But then I paused and realised that this was just some kind of internalised shame that I was harbouring about masturbating in general, inhibiting me from exploring my own body any way that I choose. I reset both my mind and the Enigma with a deep breath and renounced control. This is what self-pleasure is all about, especially when using sex toys that can quite literally take you from your physical body into real ecstasy. 

I have never experienced an orgasm so deeply rooted and encompassing with a toy before. ENIGMA seems to replicate that of a long, slow-building climax that you might experience with a partner over a long period of time, using multiple different stimulants and techniques.

If you’re looking for something to take you out of your comfort zone and experience a kind of climax that might be new to you, especially if you usually require a lot of outer clitoral stimulation to orgasm, then this is a great toy to take you there. Of course, the toy still has the staple ‘SONA’ mouth, which is effective without even making contact, but the introduction of the internal arm brings a new element and sensation, which is unusually mind-blowing for solo play. 

I’m aware that this toy won’t be for everyone. I’m comfortable with penetration, yet even I found that the first few times I used ENIGMA, I was conscious of the internal arm and unable to shift my focus from whether I was comfortable, or in the right position, or on the right pulsation setting, etc. If you do struggle with penetration, then this may all be too much. However, with this toy you do get the best of both worlds, and it allows you to go at your own pace and build up to inserting the arm for dual stimulation. 

I’d highly recommend this toy if you’re looking to take your self-exploration to the next level and searching for more than just a quick release. On those evenings where you’re alone and you want to experience an orgasm that makes you feel like, just for a moment, you’ve left your body… then this is the toy for you. 

P.S. LELO has now released the ENIGMA Cruise!