best sex toys for menopause

The Best Sex Toys for Menopausal Women

A lot of people talk about menopause and all the unpleasant side effects that come with it – hot flashes, mood swings, skin dryness, and sleep issues. But not enough people talk about how menopause might impact your sex life and, most importantly – what to do about it.

Just because you reached a certain age, it doesn’t mean you should stop having sex. Sexual pleasure has no age limit. Even if your body is going through changes, you can still enjoy orgasms, either solo or with a partner. And what better way to have more and better orgasms than using sex toys?

Why Can Sex Hurt After the Menopause?

Menopause can bring a variety of different body changes for women. Due to those changes, sex might become painful. New research on menopause from Kantar & Over The Bloody Moon shows that 51% of women admit that various menopause symptoms like vaginal dryness, tightness, hot flashes, and diminished sex drive have impacted their sex lives. 

Due to hormonal fluctuations in the body during menopause, the vagina goes through a lot of physical changes. Vaginal elasticity might decrease, dropping levels of estrogen make the vaginal walls thinner and more fragile, and the natural lubrication decreases. 

The good news is, just because your body is going through changes, and sex might not feel exactly the same way it did before, it is still very much possible to enjoy sex. Harvard Health reports that while painful sex during menopause is common, it’s treatable. And in the survey we mentioned previously, even 34% of women said that products designed for vaginal health do help to continue enjoying sex even after menopause. 

Menopause Sex Toy Recommendations: 6 Best Sex Toys

The key to enjoying sex after menopause is to learn new ways to experience pleasure. It’s never too late to redefine what sex means to you and to try new things to find what works. One way menopausal women can enjoy pleasurable sex is to shift the focus from penetrative sex to other forms of pleasure. 

Whether you’re flying solo or having fun with a partner, here are the six clitoral-pleasure-focused sex toys that will help you discover toe-curling pleasure once again:

Sona 2 Cruise 

Suction vibes like Sona 2 Cruise are quite new in the world of pleasure, but they are popular for a reason. The air pulse technology stimulates the clitoris, lightly mimicking the sensation of oral sex. The reason why this little guy is perfect for menopausal women is due to the Cruise Control technology, which ensures that the intensity of the stimulation the toy provides remains consistent and powerful until the very last minute. 

You have a variety of different vibration patterns and intensities to choose from. And the toy is made from a silky smooth body-safe silicone that feels amazing against the skin. Plus, it fits comfortably in your hand and molds perfectly around the clitoris. 

Smart Wand 2

Smart Wand 2 is another phenomenal toy for menopausal women for various reasons. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this classic vibrator. The ergonomic design makes it super easy to hold in your hand and against your body. The vibrations are powerful, which is essential during menopause because getting aroused might take longer and require more stimulation. 

Plus, you can use it on your intimate areas, or to massage various zones of your body. That makes the Smart Wand a very versatile tool to have in your sex toy arsenal. 

Dotdot aqua

Lelo’s Dot made this list for a very important reason. This unique vibrator offers precise, targeted stimulation of the clitoris. Why that’s important? Well, after menopause, it might take longer for you to get aroused and to get the blood flowing to the genitals. Having a targeted stimulation on the clitoris might help with that without making the area numb from pro-longed stimulation.

This vibrator has eight pleasure settings, and the very tip makes elliptical movement, which offers a completely new way to experience pleasure. Don’t shy away from using your imagination – what other areas of your body would feel great when stimulated with this unique toy?

Sila Cruisesila vibrator

Sila Cruise is another suction vibe that is perfect for menopausal women. The gentle waves stimulate the clitoris, slowly building up towards a mind-blowing orgasm (or a few). It’s discreet, fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and has a large mouth that will fit everyone’s body.

It has eight pleasure settings and is 100% waterproof, so you can also take it with you to shower or a bath. The Cruise Control ensures the intensity of the stimulation remains the same throughout the whole experience, so you can take your time and enjoy toe-curling orgasms.

Ora 3lelo ora toy

Ora 3 offers a way to enjoy oral sex even if you don’t have a partner. The little robotic nub is designed to stimulate the movement of your lover’s tongue, and the soft body-safe silicone it’s made of ensures it feels just as good. 

The ergonomic shape allows the toy to fit in the palm of your hand and gives you full control of how intense and light you want the pressure of the tongue to be – much easier to control than your lover’s tongue! It also comes with 12 pleasure settings, which means you can explore different intensities to find one that hits just the right way. 

Siri 3siri 3 vibrator

Siri 3 is a truly unique sex toy on the market. While it looks like your regular clitoral vibrator, it is much more than that – it’s a whole pleasure symphony that fits in the palm of your hand. This toy has SoundSense technology, which allows the toy to pick up music tunes and sync the vibes to the rhythm of the song you are listening to. How cool is that?

Listening to music during self-pleasure sessions can be a great way to re-discover what turns you on and what feels good after menopause. Use the vibe all over your body to explore different erogenous zones and allow the music to take you to the land of pleasure. 

It’s super discreet but still packs a punch. It has multiple vibration intensities, and if you don’t want to sync it to music, you can still use it as a regular vibe. Super versatile!

Also: Say Yes to More Lube!

No matter your age, you want to use lube when having sex, solo, or with a partner. It enhances the sensations and makes things feel better, so why wouldn’t you want to use it? 

When your body goes through menopause changes and you experience vaginal dryness, one of the easiest ways to combat it is by doubling down on using lube. It will help supplement the natural lubrication and prevent any discomfort you might experience during sex. So, stock up on your favorite lube and have fun!


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