lelo siri 3

SIRI 3 Vibrator – New Features

What is SIRI 3?

SIRI 3 is the newest discreet vibrator by LELO. It’s less than 4 inches in length and fits in the palm of your hand. The vibrator is designed for clitoral stimulation and contains a powerful motor that stimulates more than just the external erogenous zones.

What’s Different with SIRI 3?


SIRI 3 vibrations can sync with sound, whether that be music or your own sounds during intimacy. A recent LELO survey found that 59.7% of respondents found music as a turn on and 50% said it sets the mood for better sex.

Check out this specially-curated playlist for SIRI 3:

2 Additional Vibration Patterns

SIRI 2 contains 8 pleasure settings, whereas SIRI 3 contains 10 pleasure settings that range from a low murmur to random waves with increasing strength.

New Colors

SIRI 3 is available in soft pink, calm lavender and pistachio cream.

lelo siri 3

Additional LELO Toy Features

  • Discreet shipping
  • Fully waterproof
  • USB charging
  • 1-year manufacturer default warranty
  • 10-year quality guarantee