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Euro 2024: Are Women Choosing Sex or Soccer?

As the excitement for Euro 2024 builds, stadiums across Germany are buzzing with the anticipation of more thrilling matches, breathtaking goals, and unforgettable moments. Football fever is set to captivate millions of fans across the continent, and a recent LELO survey reveals how this fervor influences women`s fantasies, desires, and intimate moments with their partners.

Football and intimacy share a common thread—passion. The same enthusiasm that drives fans to cheer, players to push their limits, and teams to triumph is akin to the passion that fuels intimate relationships. Just as a perfectly executed goal can send waves of euphoria through a crowd, a deeply connected, intimate experience can spark joy and satisfaction.

So, what are women choosing—sex or soccer?

The Top Findings

  • 36% of women occasionally explore new sexual fantasies, and 13% actively seek out new experiences during the Euros.
  • 29% of women leverage the excitement of the game to infuse playfulness into their relationships, with 6% seizing matches as opportunities for sexual exploration.
  • 38% of women experience unexpected arousal while cheering for their favorite team and 11% feeling sexual tension mounting between them and their partner.
  • 58% of women balance sex and quality time with their partners during soccer, while 25% prioritize their sexual desires, and 17% struggle to strike a balance.
  • 25% of women noted that there is sometimes a correlation between their teams winning and sexual satisfaction, and 8% felt a strong connection between the two.
  • 14% of women reported that certain snacks, beverages, or pre-game rituals enhance their intimate moments.
  • 7% of women face clashes with intimacy during the Euros, while 21% of women occasionally do.

Communication, understanding, and collaboration are essential both on the field and in the bedroom, echoing the teamwork ethos of football and the emotional rollercoaster of football matches can sometimes spill over into the realm of intimacy. Even the performance of a favorite team can sometimes influence a woman’s level of sexual satisfaction, and the emotional highs and lows experienced during football matches can impact overall mood and intimate relationships.

Finally, when it comes to exploring new sexual experiences or fantasies during football events, the spirit of competition and excitement surrounding the tournament can inspire some to venture into new realms of intimacy.

Both football and intimacy remind us of what it means to be human—to feel deeply, to connect passionately, and to celebrate life in all its glory. So, as we don our team colors and prepare for the excitement of Euro 2024, let’s also embrace the joy of intimacy, making this summer unforgettable both on and off the field.

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