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What Coming Out Should Look Like

What Coming Out Should Look Like

What does coming out look like to you as a straight person who’ll never have to know the anticipation; the fear; the anxiety? What does it look like …

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Penis Facts that Urologists Want You to Know

Penis facts that you should know

Just because you’ve got one doesn’t mean you’re a damned expert. There are some people who’ve studied penises for years; they’re called urologists and you should really listen …

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We Want to Wish You a VERY Happy International Sex Toy Day!

International Sex Toy Day

When you’re the biggest name in pleasure, celebrating International Sex Toy Day is a no brainer – but how best make sure that your November 4th makes a …

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Hum’s the Word: The Hummer Blowjob, Explained.

Hummer blowjob

Why do bees hum? Because they don’t know the words! Why do sexual partners hum? Because they want to add a whole new pleasurable dimension to their blowjobs. …

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So Are Blue Balls Like, a Thing or Not?

Blue Balls

Ever since men have had testicles, they have probably used blue balls as a reason to get mercy-laid. Blue balls is explained/described as testicular pain or discomfort resulting …

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Can Friends with Benefits Actually Work?

Friends with benefits

The subject of many-a romcom and ‘will they or won’t they’ sitcom storyline, friends who become more than friends but less than boyfriend-and-girlfriend (to use secondary school parlance) …

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Ladies Who Like Being in Charge: Explaining Femdom

Femdom - Women in Charge

What is Femdom? Femdom stands for female domination; this can involve a professional Dominatrix, with a Domme you regularly see, part of a 24/7 total power exchange relationship …

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Putting the ‘Wood’ in Hollywood: Top 5 Movie Scenes with Vibrators

Top 5 Movie Scenes with Vibrators

October is National Movie Month, and while we’ve already shared out sexiest cinematic obsessions with movies that get us all hot and bothered, we thought we’d focus instead …

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Hands Up if You’re Ready to Try Fisting for International Fisting Day

October 21st is International Fisting Day, we thought we’d take the time to explain one of more commonly misunderstood sexual acts–so let’s plunge right in. What is Fisting? …

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The Weird, Wild Words of Dating in 2018

sex slang

Navigating modern sex and dating is already daunting enough, but in case it needed any further wrenches thrown in the works, there’s a whole litany of new vocab …

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