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Getting Real About the Big ‘O’

One of the main reasons I started Killing Kittens (internationally-known exclusive sex parties) is down to my belief that women deserve to have mind-blowing sex. Sex is fantastic …

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Get Hot & Bothered on International Orgasm Day

For us at LELO, orgasm is an experience of physical and spiritual joy that we think everyone should enjoy, so when July 31st rolls around, it’s almost like …

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The Etiquette of Airbnb Sex

With the summer holidays naturally comes summer holiday travels, and you’re no doubt looking for some long weekend getaways to far and medium-flung locales. You’re also no doubt …

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World BDSM Day – Whipping Your July into Shape

Few people know it, but July 24th is World BDSM Day! A day where all (consensual) hits are allowed and which owes its existence to a very famous …

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Your Boyfriend Found Your Vibrator – Now What?

So that fateful day has arrived. Your boyfriend, through either verbal or physical snooping, has discovered the existence of your vibrator (dun dun dun), leaving you with one …

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How Kinky Are You? A Sort-of Quiz

How Kinky Are You Quiz

Hey, how kinky are you? If your answer is OMG ‘LOLA’ IS AN ALL-TIME BANGER I LOVE THE KINKS then I would say to you first of all; …

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Hot Tips for Cooler Summer Sex

Hot Summer Sex Tips

When the mercury rises at the height of the hottest season, it’s fair to say that sometimes summer lovin’ can get put on the back burner. But don’t …

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Things I’d Tell a Younger Me About Sex & Romance

I’m 35 years old and I work in the creative industry. What I mean to say is that on any given day, I am usually the oldest person …

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The Essentials of Bondage for Beginners

You’ve probably seen bondage in a lot more places than you think, as over the last few decades it has crept its wicked little way into many parts …

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What’s the Difference Between Pansexuality & Bisexuality?

Happy Pride month, LELO fans! As we sweep into another June beset by sparkles and rainbows, it’s time to get wise to some of the different members of …

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