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Miroslav Zec

Miroslav is a freelance writer, journalist and a yoga teacher based in Zagreb, Croatia. He is a passionate explorer of human body, nature and social environment in both written and practical sense with a background in daily newspapers and various internet media lasting for over a decade. Sexuality, an animating force of human existence and an important part of the inner energetic circuit, has been Miroslav’s continuing interest, particularly the way it crosses path with spirituality.

Sex-fit: Exercise and Sex

sex fit exercise and sex

Being fit takes you a long way in terms of sexual performance, but not every exercise is the same. Some types will do a much better job preparing …

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Introverts and Sex

introverts and sex

When we hear the word introvert, most of us imagine a person with robot-like social skills. Such extremes, however, are relatively rare, which is exactly what makes them …

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