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Miroslav Zec

Miroslav is a freelance writer, journalist and a yoga teacher based in Zagreb, Croatia. He is a passionate explorer of human body, nature and social environment in both written and practical sense with a background in daily newspapers and various internet media lasting for over a decade. Sexuality, an animating force of human existence and an important part of the inner energetic circuit, has been Miroslav’s continuing interest, particularly the way it crosses path with spirituality.

Introverts and Sex

introverts and sex

When we hear the word introvert, most of us imagine a person with robot-like social skills. Such extremes, however, are relatively rare, which is exactly what makes them …

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Pro Tips For Sex Massage

Tips for sex massage

Coming from someone who has been working in the massage business for years, let’s first get one thing straight: any good massage therapist has one thing on top …

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