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Unleash Your Sexual Tiger with Cold Water

Cold showers are traditionally considered a method for curbing your lust, but their actual impact on your performance and libido might be just the opposite. Of course, if you’re male and have an erection, a cold shower will definitely kill it, but your lust might not necessarily be impacted.

The reason is simple – when you expose yourself to the cold, your blood rushes from the periphery towards the center of the body in an attempt to protect your vital organs from shutting down. That can make your dick comically flaccid, but in the long run, challenging the circulatory system like that can drastically improve the way it works, including when it has to fill your penis with blood. Let’s first take a look at why cold exposure is trending and what its benefits are.

Cold Is Trendy

Enjoying (or suffering) exposure to cold has gotten quite popular in recent years, largely due to a man named Wim Hof, also known as The Iceman, who created a unique method that combines cold exposure with a special breathing technique to unlock surprising potential from your body. Many athletes, celebrities, journalists and influencers have tried taking cold showers lately with various degrees of enthusiasm and different general impressions. So, why should you bother with it in the first place?

Benefits and “Coolness Points”

Cold water is no magic bullet that will solve your physical or mental issues, but it certainly feels like magic because it’s a great body-hack. There’s something about taking a swim in water close to freezing point that feels superhuman. More importantly, it also reaps concrete benefits like boosting your immune system, circulation, and mood while reducing inflammatory problems. By providing a short-term metabolic boost, it can also help you lose weight, especially when combined with other weight loss methods.

Cold Showers and Sex

It’s hard to find scientific research dealing with the effect of cold showers  and cold baths on our sex life, but the experiences of those who have tested it on themselves (including myself) are overwhelmingly positive. Stronger erections and better mood are almost universally experienced positive effects. Personally, I also felt stronger libido and better ability to control my performance (either by lasting longer or controlling the onset of orgasm). Those that are very physically active often have problems with sore muscles that can impede their ability to maintain a certain rhythm or pose. I find that cold showers significantly reduce both duration and the intensity of soreness.

Proper Way To Do It

Cold showering gets better, but it never really gets enjoyable. Many apartments nowadays have shower-only bathrooms, but if you have a bath, the best practice looks like this: first gradually and slowly submerge your legs, then sit and finally lie down. Breath slowly and constantly through your nose, and avoid losing control of your breath. Allow each part of your body to adjust before moving on. The whole process of submerging should typically take between 5 – 15 minutes, and you can remain submerged for up to 10 minutes. If you feel cold and hypothermic afterwards, rub your body for some time with a towel and if that doesn’t help, take a warm shower. Eventually, your body will learn how to warm up after the cold bath by mobilizing your metabolism.

Showering Is Hell

Taking a cold shower is a whole different game, my guess is because of the exposure to the air while you’re wet. Instead of taking your sweet time to get wet, you’ll need to be quicker. I usually wet my legs and arms, turn the shower off and rub my extremities. Then I wet my belly, chest and groin areas and repeat the rubbing process. Finally, I run water over my back and head and keep showering for up to five minutes. By the end of the process, your body adjusts to the cold, but the process is not enjoyable. Maintaining a deep and steady breath is essential.

Tips for Sex

Sex after a cold shower or bath can feel quite euphoric, but you should avoid jumping right into bed straight for your partner’s sake. The feeling of a cold lover is unpleasurable. If you plan on having sex straight away, until your body learns to quickly turn up the heat, take a warm shower before hitting the bed. 

What To Avoid

Avoid exposing yourself to cold water if you’re not completely healthy. Cold showers and baths will likely boost your immunity, but the training process needs to happen while you’re healthy. Even if you haven’t had enough sleep, you can risk getting a cold. And if you already have some type of infection, it might land you in an emergency room. There are also other risks involved, like heart attacks, so train yourself slowly and if you have any doubts about your health, consult your physician before initiating any cold water experiments.