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Keeping Your Private Pictures and Sexts Safe

Erotic Encryption: Safe Sexy Selfie Sharing

How safe is your private data? I’m not talking about your PINs, email passwords and credit card information – I’m talking about your very private data, or data ...

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Spring Has Arrived! 6 Places to Have Sex in Spring

With the temperature warming up, the birds starting to chirp and the start of sangria season, we decided to explore different sex options for spring.  Winter kept us ...

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Long-Distance Love, Lust and Making it Last

These days, opportunity and circumstance are taking as to farther flung-out places for education, employment or what have you. Whatever the reason, there might come a time that ...

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Oops! Accidental Orgasms Explained

While some are afflicted with anorgasmia – the inability to orgasm — there are those for whom the pendulum swings the entirely opposite way: people who have orgasms ...

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Hold It Together: Why You Should Try Masturbating in Front of Your Partner

When you work at a company like LELO, we often get accused of thinking about masturbation all day, every day. Feeling tired? Try masturbating! Trying a new leave ...

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The Boys’ & Girls’ Guide to Giving Great Head: Part 2

If you’ve read the first part of our guide to giving an amazing blow job you were probably thinking ‘Hey! But there’s so much more to think about ...

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Our Sex Playlist: Top 5 Songs for Having Sex

Music heightens emotions. The right tune played at the right time could make us do everything from run faster to dance harder. An ill-timed tune, however, could take ...

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The Boys’ & Girls’ Guide to Giving Great Head: Part 1

We’ve all been a bit nervous when about to give a blow job, whether it was our very first time, the first time with a new partner, or ...

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Hug a Prostate: Proper Care for Your Pleasure Gland

Pegging, butt plugs, anal vibrators and milking all the way down to fisting: the prostate is a source of so much sexual pleasure. The Internet, as well as ...

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7 Racy Valentine’s Day Ideas & Gifts from LELO

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important (read; stress-inducing) entries in any couples’ calendar. Every year, our inboxes at LELO are teeming with requests for ideas on ...

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