are people hornier in winter

How Winter Affects Your Sex Life, According to Science

Ah the cold, cozy winter evenings. You know the ones we’re talking about when all you want to do is wrap yourself in a huge blanket, relax in front of the fire – and have sex.

That’s at least according to a number of U.S. studies regarding seasonal effects on sex drive; winter is when we all start getting a little hot under the collar, or is it? Let’s dive into what sex in winter really looks like.

Winter Sex Data

Did you know that the most common shared birthday is September 16th? This means that most babies are conceived in December (and August is when the least babies are conceived).

That alone doesn’t prove that winter is when we can expect an uptick in our sexual encounters, but despite the increase in conceptions, the holidays also see a jump in the sales of condoms. Twice as many are sold the week before Christmas than the week after, further indicating that many are enjoying a holly jolly holiday indeed.

And ladies, winter is when you can truly feel your sexiest, as a study found that men find women more attractive in winter than in the summer months. Is it the increased coverage of skin that winter clothing provides that gets the imagination going?

Cold Weather Sex Drive Suppressors

Of course, there are a few winter-specific situations that don’t necessarily lend themselves to extended sessions under the mistletoe. Holiday stress, not to mention having family visiting, can certainly affect your sex life for the worse. And a lack of sunshine can cause your serotonin to drop and make you more likely to experience seasonal effectiveness disorder or general grogginess.

What to do if you find yourself experiencing a cold climate sexual upswing? You know that we have a few ideas! The chillier evenings make it a perfect time to spend with a partner getting closer with a sensual massage using massage oil candles. As things get too hot to handle, then spread some joy with a wearable couples’ vibrator that shares sensations.