Top 5 Tips for Hotter Sex When it’s Cold Out

Just because temperatures are dipping doesn’t mean your sex drive has to follow suit. Actually, we find the opposite tends to be true (the most common  shared birthday is September 16th, so clearly some people have found a way to beat the chill!)

But still, unless you have an exotic winter holiday planned, sex in the winter months, while a fine way to stay warm in theory, tends to seem, well, a lot less sexy somehow. Is it the stressful holiday obligations? The bulky flannel pajamas? Whatever the reason, we’ve created a list of ways to keep your sex life running hot (that doesn’t involve keeping your socks on).

Sex in Cold Weather

1. Let Things Get a Little Steamy

Any bathroom can be turned into a spa of sensuality with a little creativity. While of course there’s sex in a warm shower, you can always keep the actual bathing PG (well, maybe R) and then afterwards, step out into the steam and experiment with the different positions offered by the surroundings. Try tying your partner to the towel rack with handcuffs and use a  flogger for light spanking.

2.Warm Up Your Instruments

Even if silicone and metal will warm to your body temperature, sometimes it just seems like they won’t warm up quite quickly enough.

You can put any of your waterproof toys in warm (never boiling) water to warm them up before sex, which makes them all the more wonderful to feel against all of your erogenous zones.

3. Wickèd Games

Wax play can be intimidating for those new to it, so massage oil candles the perfect solution. Made of soy wax with delicious flavours like Snow Pear & Cedar, they warm at a very low temperature so they’re a safe way to play and one of the sexiest ways to keep it hot while staying warm this winter. In addition to setting the mood for your winter wonderland massage oil candles provide oil for a premium sensual massage while filling the room with a scented aphrodisiac.

4. Cozy Up to Each Other

In any chilly setting, the key to keeping warm is to maximize the surface area of your body covered by warmth. Having sex in the spoon position with your legs intertwined and their hands on your front will leave a minimum of skin exposed to the elements.

If beautiful, natural warmth just isn’t enough for you, you can always use an electric blanket between your bodies add some heat to your sheets.

5. Cleaning Up the Dirty Way

Outdoor winter activities always lead to soggy clothing and dreadful salt stains. Why not take advantage of the increase in laundry?

Prop yourself up on the dryer and invite your partner to come “help you out with some wet clothes.” In addition to providing warmth to the receiving partner’s bottom, the rumbling of the dryer will emit fantastic vibrations and many dryers are the perfect height for stand up sex that won’t tire one partner out.

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