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Top 5 Sexiest Winter Vacation Destinations

When the weather finally dips low enough that we well and truly can no longer pretend it’s still autumn, minds turn swiftly to winter vacations that will turn up the heat. We list below some of the best winter getaways for travelling as a couple, from the deeply romantic to the sultry and sexy. So pick your favorite, pack your bags and discover the pleasures aplenty across the globe!

Havana, Cuba

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights may not have lived up to its prequel as far as great, sexy movies go but it did manage to open us up to the sensuality that runs through the city. Experience the time-warp effect of watching retro cars go by as you indulge in cigars and rum cocktails in the warm breeze…and if that doesn’t inspire you, the infectious libidinous energy of salsa surely will. The_Great_Theatre_of_Havana_(Gran_Teatro_de_La_Habana)

Add the unique sensations of HULA Beads swirling and twisting inside as they’re controlled by the SenseMotion™ remote to turn your evening into an endless dance of passion, no matter how good a dancer either of you are.

Marrakesh, Morocco

For classic film buffs, Casablanca may be the siren song for romantic travel, but many may be disappointed by how modern the city is today. Marrakesh is a much better choice for an intoxicating taste of old Morroco, from watching belly dancers during dinner to enjoying the exciting night time activity of Jemaa El Fna. You can also arrange a tour of the Majorelle Gardens, which house the Islamic Art Museum of Marrakesh and were owned by the late designer Yves St. Laurent.

MarrakechMany visitors have concerns about their ability to stay together in a room if unmarried while travelling in Morocco. While most tourists are granted leniency, it’s best to clarify with your hotel before booking, and if truly concerned (and able) bring a photocopy of a marriage certificate.

The Bahamas

We were truly unable to pick one specific part of the Bahamas the best, as travelling there (particularly in winter) can hold so much for different couples. The outer islands promise the romantic, secluded tranquillity of a tropical paradise, but if you’re looking for excitement over the Christmas holidays, Nassau is where you want to be.

SaxonsCostume(1)Offering a truly unique and exciting Bahamian cultural experience is Junkanoo, an event held on Boxing Day (December 27th) or New Year’s. This fantastic parade and celebration is an explosion of feathers, vibrant colors and drums sure to get your blood pumping, and the addition of LELO Beads is perfect for using the rigorous dancing you’ll do on the street as foreplay for a night of passion in the sheets.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, US

Not every winter getaway needs to be to warmer climes, and Jackson Hole is perfect for taking in astounding winter wonderland scenery. Not only are you close enough to make a day trip of seeing the geysers of Yellowstone Park (which see something like 90% fewer visitors in January than in the summer months) it has plenty of wildlife and mountain scenery as well. We’ll leave you with a few creative ideas for how to keep warm!

Winter YellowstoneIt’s known for clear night-time skies for stargazing, which you can take in on a sleigh ride or during night skiing. It gets pretty cold though, so we’d forego outdoor sex in this instance for relaxing in your private Jacuzzi back at the hotel instead. If you’d like to spend your days skiing, why not take an opportunity to practice your sensual massage skills to both soothe your muscles and connect intimately.

Budapest, Hungary

Of course, if you’re interested in having more than just your twosome in a hot spa, Budapest is the place to be.

800px-Széchenyi BudapestWhile during the day these spas are family friendly, by evening they turn into party hot spots. Known somewhat as the sex capital of Eastern Europe (if not Europe itself), Budapest balances beautiful architecture, classical music and fine dining with downright debaucherous activities for every taste. We won’t tell you anymore (discovery is half the excitement!) but we recommend you pack your handcuffs and whip.