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6 Tips for Dating During the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again! Festive events, office parties, gatherings, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year celebrations.

And let’s not forget about the Northern Hemisphere—those who are cold and looking for a cuffing partner. 

All in all, dating over the holidays is hard. Especially when it’s a first date or the beginning of a new relationship. It’s basically a whole new set of rules that apply over this period. 

Tiring, yes! But, if you follow some of our tips for dating during the holiday season, you may just enter the new year slightly unscathed!

6 Tips to Date During the Holiday Season

Have those elusive butterflies in your stomach? Not sure how to approach your new bae during this joyful and eventful time of the year? No worries… 

1. Gift Giving

If it’s a new relationship, you’re probably unsure of whether you need to get the new person in your life a Christmas gift. And if you’re leaning towards gift giving, what should you get for them? Something grand and romantic? Or a little token of your adoration? 

Well, the best advice would be to actually talk to them about it. If you’re not really in the space to have a serious chat about gifts, try to make it more informal. Just a little “So, are we exchanging gifts for Christmas,” could suffice. 

But equally so, maybe add in something along the lines of how much you’re both planning on spending, just so there’s no unevenness. 

Another idea is to just go shopping together and get something for one another. That way, you know everyone involved will like their gift.

2. Festive Events & Parties

If you and your new partner have mutual friends, this will be a lot easier, as you’ll probably be invited to the same party or parties. 

But what about work events? You know how some office employees love to gossip! Do you take your new person with you to these kinds of celebrations? 

Well, you’re just going to have to be brave enough to actually talk about it. And when you do, it’s best to define where you stand. If it’s a casual dating situation, it would be great for both partners to know beforehand as not to assume anything. 

Family events are, of course, way more intense than a mere friend or work group hanging out. If you feel that the relationship you’re in has a future, and both of you are comfortable with this kind of thing, then you can totally invite them.

Perhaps you’d like to let your family know it’s new beforehand though, just to avoid any intrusive or awkward questions.

Outfits to Events & Parties

If you’ve decided that you and your partner will indeed go to each others’ festive events or parties, think about your outfit. 

If you’re going to their work or family event, it’s probably not the best time to show off your most revealing and/or trendy outfit. Conservative and festive should be a win! Think of a classic and timeless look. 

There will be many more occasions, with or without your new partner, to wear your super sexy outfit. 

3. Intimacy

The honeymoon phase of a relationship is great, largely because it’s filled with sex!

But when the festive season comes around, people are busy. End-of-year work deadlines, events, etc. You don’t want to lose the sexual spark too soon, do you? We suggest making time for intimacy. 

Make sure to plan a date or two in advance so that you can enjoy each others’ company… and de-stress. 

Sex aside, having an intimate date or two simply to be with each other is a super fantastic way to get to know them better and to connect. 

It could even prompt the growth of a more meaningful relationship.

4. Going Back to Your Ex

A lot of people tend to reflect at the end of the year. They may realise that they’re actually feeling quite lonely and they may look for solace somewhere familiar… such as in the arms of an ex. 

This is very often a bad idea! Before you dive in and start texting your ex, ask yourself two questions: have the reasons or circumstances that led to the breakup changed? And would meeting with them lead you to fall into the “short-term gain, long term pain” pit? 

The answers to these can help you to decide whether it’s worth the temporary company.

5. The Holidays Spent Apart

If you’ve decided that you won’t be doing holiday events and parties together, maybe a little chat about that is a good idea. 

For example, deciding whether you’re officially dating, if you’re in an open relationship, or if this is merely a fling and both can do as they fancy. 

There’s nothing quite as hurtful as finding out a new interest was intimate with someone else during the Christmas period when you had your sights set on them. 

6. New Year’s Eve Date

Are you wondering whether your new love interest is going to ask you to hang out on New Year’s Eve? Well, the general rule of thumb is, if they haven’t asked you by Christmas, the chances that they will are low. 

Most people plan their New Year’s Eve celebrations a week or more in advance, so Christmas is a good goal to think about. 

If you haven’t heard from them about spending the holiday together, nor have you asked them, then you should probably go ahead and make your own plans. 

Ready for the festive season with or without a new partner? We recommend doing some thinking before going ahead and inviting or accepting holiday invitations. 

And if you do, an informal chat about things could just be the magic that brings you two closer in the new year. Wishing you tons of holiday fun!